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@danidee Yes! :) I've seen 3 of em but the first Bioshock is the best. It was like watching a mystery movie. I was hooked for days. Everything about the game is awesome.
2 years ago·Reply
The graphics were like <3__<3
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@danidee Omg yes! The graphics are freakin amazing! I felt like I was actually there! And the plot!! Totally, freakin awesome. The gameplay I saw didn't sacrifice the girls, thank goodness. Who would do such a thing????!!!!! Omg and the ending!! The feels were too much.
2 years ago·Reply
Are there any other games I should watch?
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee Well, I watch Sly cooper, and Jak and Daxter; two of my favorite games. Sly cooper is the closest to KH friendship and feels wise.
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