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Former EXO Member Luhan Releases Music Video For Solo Debut Song 'That Good Good' (I know it's old plus video after photo)

Just a little under a year after leaving K-pop group EXO, Chinese singer Luhan is back as a singer. On Sept. 16, Lu Han (often known as Luhan) released the music video for his first song as a soloist, "That Good Good." Prior to the release of "That Good Good," Luhan was featured on the soundtrack of several Chinese films. "That Good Good" was produced by Djemba Djemba and London Future, and composed by Matthew Tishler, Adam Royce, and Liz Rodrigues. Luhan left EXO on Oct. 10 last year, becoming the second Chinese member of EXO to file a contract nullification lawsuit against EXO's parent company, SM Entertainment. Luhan debuted as a member of EXO in 2012, and was a member of the subgroup EXO-M, which initially only promoted in China. His lawsuit claimed that Luhan and other Chinese members of EXO were mistreated. Luhan's solo debut follows that of Tao earlier this summer. Tao became the third Chinese member of EXO to leave the group earlier this year. Since leaving SM Entertainment, Luhan has pursued a career as an actor and performer in China, and achieved multiple awards for being one of Asia's most popular idols. In May, Luhan collaborated with David Tao on the song "Please Come To The Great Wall To Ski," which was used as Beijing's 2022 Olympic's bid theme. That same month, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Luhan for working in China while still contracted to SM Entertainment. Released in China on Sept. 16, "That Good Good" was titled on YouTube Chinese, Korean, and English.
luhan released the video on my birthday? i didnt know that lol
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