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it is here the LAST CHAPTER ! of kill them with kindness i just spent 12 hours doing this its hella long so please enjoyed i had so much fun doing this! thank you for reading my cards once again i know its sad doing this! yes its the last one but i promise ill continue doing more intriguing cards for my lovely book worms! i love you all! this series made me get through a lot of stuff in my life some of the stuff is writing is stuff that i actually felt or simply felt like putting that there i cried several times doing this so this is a very emotional chapter for me to be honest. Thank you! once again i love you! all for taking your time and reading my cards once again! enjoy! ♥
watch this !!! now let the reading begin!!!
You both smile while he turns on the car and heads off to the street he grabs your hand while driving, You look at him, and he looks back at you and says, K: “what?” Y: “no-nothing, just admiring your handsomeness” you giggle. He blushes and tries to not look at you, a silence invaded the car you kept teasing him how cute he was his face would flush and you loved the way he said, K: “yaaaaa…” It made you want to grab his cute cheeks and squish them, the car stopped and Kai said, K: “We are here” He looks into the side view mirrors too see if any cars are coming and immediately puts his hand behind the passenger’s seat he looked at you and smirked while he reverses the car and puts the car in its place, you start to hyperventilate and try to open the door and kai just stares at you and laughs at you and says, K: “it always works” Y: “yaaaaa!” You pucker your lips and slightly hit him on his shoulder while he flinches, he laughs and says K: “you started!” With your puckered lips he makes a way onto your lips and steals a kiss from you, you stay still and close your eyes while you just enjoy the moment he backs off and stares at you puckering your lips, and laughs at you and says, K: “Kyeopta, let’s go!” You open up your eyes and blush, he runs up to your door and opens your door, he keeps laughing you get out of the car and throw a tantrum and just start walking, he closes the door and runs up too you to pull your arm and says, K: “Jagi, Saranghae” While he says that he pulls your arm and hugs you, you giggle and say Y: “I love you too, and once again you fell for me” You pull his coat sleeve and walk he grabs your hand and says, K: “whoa! Calm down missy the stores aren’t leaving anywhere” While he fickle his hair you respond to him, Y: “but time does” You both smirk and walk you both go inside stores while he grabs your purse you make him choose colors for your dress you asked him, Y: “red, black, or gold?” He looks at you and says, K: “if you try them on and show them off too me then I’ll pick which one looks the best on you” You smiled and he started to wander around looking for pretty dresses he picked one red, a black and a gold one while you were waiting in the dressing room. He comes back with a smile on his face and says, K: “Here try these!” You go inside the dressing room while he sits down on the sofas they have outside the fitting rooms, he sits your purse on besides him and lets out a big sigh and says to you. K: “you know being a fiancé is hard” Y: “really? I don’t think so you guys have it easy” You both giggle, Y: “I need help with the zipper can you help me?” Kai stands up and knocks on the door, he looks at you and you blush and start to stutter, Y: “I just need the top part its al... Mo.” He turns you around and zips it up, K: “I like this dress don’t try the other ones I like this Gold one” He grabs your wrist and starts walking and you start to ask Kai, Y: “wait, KAI! What are you doing? Hold on!!” K: “we need shoes!” He starts looking at the shoes and dress that you’re wearing and says, K: “these!” He grabs the shoes and puts them in front of your dress while you just like the fact that your Fiancé is literally picking the outfit for you, or is it that he just wants to get over the shopping already. You stare at him and giggle he starts walking and says to one of the employees, K: “Miss, do you have these a smaller size? Ok thanks!” He turs around and says, K: “she said that she’ll be right back” He gives you a peck on your nose a gives you a pat on your head, Y: “yaaa… you’re messing my hair” K: “good because I can fix it for you” He rushes his fingers through your hair and fixes it while you look down to the floor totally flushed, he giggles he kindly says, K: “Jagi” You look up in search for his eyes when suddenly your eyes meet and he steals another peck from your soft lips. The employee comes back with the new pair of shoes, he steps aside into getting the shoes when suddenly he grabs your hands and takes you to the sofas where he was sitting at. He sits you down and opens up the box and unwraps the shoes from its new tissue paper, he takes out the plastic stick from inside of the shoe. He unties the strap from both of the shoes and puts the shoe onto one of your foot and then picks up the other shoe and puts your foot inside the shoe and starts to tie the shoe strap. He finishes up tying them up he gets up and extends his hands for you to get up. You walk up in front of the 360 mirrors they had inside the location and look at yourself astonishingly, since you were running around all that time with him looking for shoes all over the store. You were satisfied with what he picked up for you, you smiled like crazy you saw the employee coming up to you and saying that your fiancé prepared these accessories for you to put on, you asked him.. Y: “how? When?” K: “I was going to give this way before all this happened, I just never had the opportunity to give it to you” Your eyes watered your instincts where to just hug him and say thank you. And softly said, Y: “no wonder you were trying so hard with the dress and shoes, so it would match with the accessories” He giggles and gives you a soft kiss, K: “of course, it’s all for my Jagi, I want you to look beautiful tonight!” He looks at you into your eyes and smiles at you and says, K: “Now take the dress off and accessories off because we need to go to the hair dresser and your make up too, please hurry you have a few hours left” You run into the fitting rooms and ask kai to pull down the zipper just a little so you can do it yourself, then you go inside, close the door, unzip the dress untie the shoes put the shoes back inside the box and the dress into the hanger and inside the bag where it belonged, as fast as you could you put your clothes and shoes back on. You came out with your hair all messy and heavily breathing. Kai saw you with surprised eyes and just laughed you didn’t even noticed that your hair was a mess you held everything on your hands and said to him, Y: “im ready” K: “yes, I noticed your hair looks ready too” He walks up to you and fixes your hair once again and softly says, K: “see, Jagi this is why you need me, let’s go I already paid for everything, ok?” He giggles and smiles, he takes the dress from your hand and hands you back your purse while the employee comes running and hands you a plastic bag for the shoes he just bought for you. You both go out running from the store like if you just robbed the store you both laugh and keep running towards a hair salon kai finds one and goes in with you he says to one of the girls, K: “hello there beautiful ladies, is there a way you can make my fiancé look more beautiful for tonight it’s a special day but we are running a bit late” Eventually they said yes on to doing your hair and makeup so they sat you down and started doing your hair while you had another lady doing your makeup, you lost sight of Kai he left so you started to panic thinking of he leaving you here by yourself, and thinking other things hours passed, and the ladies were done. You went up to the register and asked the lady how much it would be and she said it was already paid by Kai and she also said that he went and bought some clothes for himself and that if you were done with hair and makeup he said he would be waiting for you at the café. You thanked the lady and walked off to the café all flawless you didn’t even checked yourself out before heading out, you were more worried about Kai. You kept walking, when you feel someone walking behind you and placing their head into your shoulder, you knew it was Kai. K: “Hello beautiful” Y: “yaaaa… don’t leave me alone... I thought you left me there, for good” K: “I bought you a coffee you’re going to need it, since you got little sleep last night” You look at him and take the coffee from his hand, Y: “Thank you, for today, I’m a happy camper” K: “good” Kai smiles and raises his hand and says K: “we still have time, but we need to go with Kyungsoo he’s waiting for us remember, plus Sehun is there, they also said that some of Lay’s colleagues got inside Kyungsoo’s house and eventually he escaped” Y: “really? Alright let’s go then to see what’s going on” You both go walking hand in hand to the car and get inside the car most of all both of you worried about Kyungsoo and Sehun if they were ok. You both went all the way back to Kyungsoo’s home in silence, you both arrived and got out with serious faces you both rushed inside and saw Sehun laying down on the sofa watching TV while Kyungsoo cooking something in the kitchen you both look at each other, in awkwardness so you hear Sehun say, S: “Hyung, how was the shopping?” Kai totally ignores Sehun and heads towards Kyungsoo and asks what was going on if everything was ok around the house, if they checked around the perimeter and so. Kyungso would just continue cooking and he said, KY: “yes, yes and Lay is not chained up any more, to be honest I really don’t know how they ended up here, we are really far away from the city, how did they even find the room it was underneath the concrete floor where my lab is at, it’s just weird” K: “what the hell you have a lab down there?” S: “yeah, I said the same thing” Y: “can you show it to us?” Kyungso doesn’t say anything and just finishes up cooking washes his hands and starts walking KY: “follow me” You all start walking and go inside a library out of all the shelfs there was one in particular that had to be and one specific book to be taken out so it triggered the door to be opened. The door eventually opened up and there where stairs to go down too then there was another room fool of books but there was another door too it he opened it and there it was that secret lab Kyungsoo was talking about. Full of medicines, screens, experiments, flasks and more. You both looked in awed, while you could see Kyungsoo’s smiling apparently this was his happy place where he could actually experiment and learn new things. S: “Clarissa, you look pretty!” K: “she’s mine..” Y: “yaaa.. I know that I’m yours and thank you Sehun!” KY: “we should start getting ready, remember I need to take you Clarissa early because Chanyeol will be picking you up at the nearest café where you live” Y: “that’s true” K: “let’s eat first and then you all get ready” You all head up to the kitchen and start eating, the clinging noises of the chopstick’s being moved hitting on the rim of the plates or cups being picked up or put down, Y: “so what’s the plan for tonight?” Everyone stares at you, and keep eating. S: “Kyungsoo will be a waiter, like our boss explained to us I’ll try to leave early and set up early find a good spot for my baby and I, plus we can rely on Kyungsoo, you just have to stick with Chanyeol” K: “you’re going with Chanyeol?” Y: “yes” KY: “its just for today, you should come with us Kai” K: “I should, but with my woman” You look at Kai kind of pissed but yet it’s your work he should understand, he looks at you very serious and bursts out laughing, K: “Failed at being jealous right?” Y-S-KY: “yes” S: “so will you come with us Kai?” K: “yes” You automatically stand up and start picking up your plate and cup from the table before you leave you wash them. Kai gets up and gets behind you and starts helping you wash the dishes, you both finish and you run up to your room while Kai trying to catch you he fails several times. You both start getting ready for the event along with the others. He went and took a shower, he came out of the shower with just a towel on half of his body exposing his chest to you, you blushed and laughed and threw a pillow at him saying to him, Y: “put something on, jeez I won’t respond if something actually happens” K: “I do, I have a towel on don’t you see” he giggles while he flicks his wet hair Y: “your tux is there, if you need help I’ll be on the living room putting on my shoes on” You grab your stuff, and out of nowhere he starts to dress himself up, K: “there’s no need for you to leave, just don’t peek” You sit down in your bed and start putting on your shoes, Y: “I’m going to need help again with the dress, the zipper” K: “yes, can you help me with the tie, when I’m finished?” Y: “ok” While he puts on his shirt you finish up tying up your shoes, you stand up and you see him buttoning his shirt up and tucking it inside his dress pants (Writer){YES IMAGINE HIM!!! Kekeke~} You stare at him and stares at you in a really intense way and points at you, K: “come, Jagi” You just go to him without thinking, Y: “stop, hypnotizing me with those daring eyes, I’m giving you a warning” He forces you to turn around with his hands, the touches your back with the tip of his fingers making your skin have a reaction of little bumps all over your body, he suddenly starts brining the zipper up slowly when suddenly you feel his warm breath say, K: “what if I don’t want to stop?” Y: “yaaa… hurry up before things get complicated” you giggle. He smirks and says, K: “fine help me with my tie, please” You turn around and say thank you to him for helping you with your zipper, he hands you the tie strand and you start doing the tie and you tell him, Y: “I really can’t remember, how I learned to do a tie” K: “I showed you how to do it” Y: “then why don’t you do it?” K: “because you promised you would tie it for me” Y: “I did, hmm interesting” (KNOCK-KNOCK) S: “HURRRY UPPP!!!!” You finished up his bow, and gave a long passionate kiss to Kai while grabbing part of his shirt with your hands, you push him back and say to him, Y: “I can be daring too” followed with a wink He just stared at you with a blank mind he just giggles and touched his lips, K: “Bye, see ya!” You walk out of the room flawless, they both stare at you in awe. KY: “see you in a little Sehun, let’s go Clarissa” You both get inside the car and head out to where you used to live, eventually like always you fell asleep since you felt like the car was cradling you with its movement. You went into dreamland dreaming of you and your fiancé being happily together finally after all these up and downs. When suddenly you hear Kyungsoo appearing on your dream jumping like a bunny saying laughing KY: “Clarissa, wake up!” You feel him touching you wake up, KY: “we are here, you fell asleep for an hour, in a weird position and it was funny” Half asleep you try your best to open up your eyes while Kyungsoo laughs at you. Y: “yaaa stop laughing at me” You take one last look on your phone camera too see if your make up is still on point and of course it is, you go out of the car, luckily Kyungsoo left you one street behind the coffee shop so that meant you had to walk to the shop. You close the door of the car and pull your dress down, when suddenly you hear Kyungsoo say, KY: “SEE YA THERE!” You wave to him bye and start walking to your destination you put on your ear piece before you go into the coffee shop, you were iffy about Kyungso and Sehun talking alone while you and Kai where getting ready like if they were planning something while you tried to step out of the room kai stopped you could hear something about a “shot” and “lets stick to the first plan first” “Ani” “you better not mess this up” “everyone is counting on you” and so. ~BEEP BEEP~ You kept walking without even noticing Chanyeol’s car beeping, C: “YAAAAA, get your butt in! We are going to be late it’s already 9:30!” You turn around and laugh and start tippy toeing to Chanyeol’s car you open up the door and get in, C: “looking beautiful today miss” Y: “Thank you! You look handsome as well” You put on your seatbelt and Chanyeol drives off to the destination, C: “we should go on a date one of these days” Y: “ha-ha! That’s if we have time since we both are really busy” C: “true, let’s hope Kyungsoo doesn’t mess this mission up, we need to blend with the people we can’t let lay find out we are there, remember that” Y: “Roger that, turn on your ear piece don’t forget about that” C: “that’s true, the location is not that far away from here so will be there in about 30 minutes you can rest if you want” Y: “oh, alright” Looking throughout the window you see the starry night, you wonder if Kai will be fine or if you will see him for a little bit at least, you start to think to yourself if this mission will turn out fine or not you start to pray to God for this mission to come on perfect and just to make sure no one gets hurt or dies. A silence invaded the car, ~ RING RING~ C: “hey, whats up, yes we are almost there, ok sure, yeah that’s fine, alright bye” ~HANGS UP~ Y: “Who was it?” C: “oh it was Kyungsoo to meet him behind the kitchen, he said he’s already dressed as a servant, which was fast” he giggles. Y: “ommo, really? Whoa! That was fast” C: “in deed, we are here! Please act normal don’t screw shit up” Y: “you shouldn’t be talking” You both walk out of the car while Kyungsoo smiles at Chanyeol, C: “thanks, take care of my baby please!” he giggles. While Kyungsoo gives him the death stare while driving his car, Chanyeol laughs his butt off he pulls his arm for you to hold his arm, you hook your arm onto his. While walking you clarify to Chanyeol that this is only for work purposes and he shouldn’t think any farther than that. He would just stare at you and give you a cute giggling smile saying. C: “ok” You both walk into the doors and see a lot of people gambling tables of poker people betting, people smoking, drinking, laughing and more. You would just stare nervously grab onto Chanyeol’s arm tightly, C: “yaa. Don’t be scared I’m here to protect you” he giggles You start to look around for lay, and don’t see a trace of him you suddenly hear Kyungsoo over the ear piece, KY: “ YAAAA! I said behind the kitchen I’m waiting for you!!!” S: “Well guys, I and my baby are good we are set up! For the night!” Everyone giggles, Chanyeol picks up his phone and fakes he’s on a phone call, C: “we’ll meet you at the bar, where the bar tender is at, alright see ya! I think I see you” You see Kyungsoo pass by and he stares at you, so you start following him he goes into a door, and you wait to see if no one is looking at you, you go inside and he starts saying what he saw. KY: “Listen to me Lay will be here around 11o’clock our boss is here already he’s hiding around the location, Sehun is already set up and you both need to watch out for the guards, our boss forgot his ear piece, anyways there’s two buildings the upper building is where all the rich people are at there are also auctions of art pieces there’s food there too, on the bottom floor there’s all the gambler’s and the bars are down stairs. There is about 4 to 6 rooms one of them is for the security camera’s the other one is for the janitors, one of them is an office and the others I don’t know what are they, you Clarissa and Chanyeol need to find out, make sure to no get caught please!, now let’s hope lay gets inside one of those rooms so you guys can kill him along with the other people inside I’ll try to help you guys, I’ll go right now with our boss and tell him our plan” Y: “what if this plan doesn’t work do we have another plan?” S: “good question” KY: “then we’ll have to adapt and overcome” Y: “all right” You both get out of the room you fake wiping your lips while someone passes by and smiles at you Chanyeol comes out with messy hair and smiles and waves hi to a couple passing, you try fixing his hair and he wipes your smudged lipstick with his fingers and he softly says, C: “we both thought of the same thing” You both giggle you both start walking and you grab Chanyeol’s sleeve and pull him you start walking up the stairs he says, C: “wait you’re hungry?” Y: “no we need to check the freaking rooms, get your shit together, this is why I can’t have nice things in life geez” C: “damn calm down” S: “shut up and follow her, I see you guys, go check the rooms first I have your back” Y: “thanks!” KY: “the boss knows our plan now! Let’s do this!” S: “Clarissa heading to see the rooms, keeping an eye on them” Chanyeol stands outside the door while you go inside the room with your hand on your leg, S: “Chanyeol what the fuck are you doing standing there you should be inside not her you asshole” C: “well she said she’ll do it” S: “go inside with her before I blow a bullet in your head” C: “fine!” Y: “can’t I change partners? Kyungsoo is better than Chanyeol to be honest” “Kyungsoo’s evil laugh on the background” C: “storage full of books and posters and old cards, dice and old machines” S: “roger that we have a security coming up on the stairs he just turned towards your way, aww shit” When suddenly you hear the door knob turn you hide behind one of the machines, he turns on his lamp and starts walking your heart skips a beat and you try your best to hold in your breath so there’s no noise, Security: “there’s no one inside” The security guard walks away and closes the door, C: “well thank you Kyungso you should of shut off all the fucken camera’s you dumb ass!” KY: “fuck you, at least I didn’t stand at a fucking door like a dumb ass” S: “ohhh... burn” Y: “Kyung make me a favor could you please take care of the cameras please?” KY: “see that’s how you ask nicely Chanyeol learn from her, and yes I will Clarissa, I’m done with you Chanyeol” S: “wait it was barely getting good” he bursts out laughing. You smirk and say to Chanyeol, that you both are going to take a look at the auctions and are going on a search for lay and those other 4 rooms. You both walk into the auction, KY: “our boss is outside keeping an eye on us, he’ll call me when lay arrives, and I’ll be on the bottom floor keeping an eye, for you both” You both go in and stand in the crowd of people betting over a really nice vase, when you suddenly say out loud, Y: “wow, so pretty” You hear kai besides you, K: “you want it?” You smile and Chanyeol laughs, C: “aren’t you going to kill him” he laughs. S: “yaaa, leave him alone, you know him stop being an ass” He looks at you and kisses you and hugs you, S: “please don’t do this while working hours, thank you!” You suddenly hear people getting hit on your earpiece and a person crying out saying not to kill him, KY: “should I kill him or not” C: “its evidence” ~BANG BANG~ KY: “all right we are good guys camera’s stopped working” Y: “thanks” ~RING RING~(Kyungsoo’s phone) KY: “shit he’s here, you all know what to do right I’ll keep you guys updated” S: “don’t screw this up please, we are counting on you” You start giving orders to kai to keep a close eye on him and to be near him while Kyungso gets to the power lines so he can blow up all the lights and we can progress with the plan they had in mind since the first plan was not going to work, since his boss was not here the plan was to kill them both along with everyone that was involved but since he’s not there things will get more complicated, trying to search for every single security guard and every guard he had by his side and what if he had colleagues of his around the place, the safer way of it is to pull out the power and kill Lay. K: “I hate that ass hole” S: “everyone does, watch out for the boss kai he’s out there, alright I can see Lay walking greeting some people, Kyungso move your ass before he knows your there, Clarissa you need to move with kai to the first floor kai stay there just in case keep an eye on them help me out bro we don’t want the boss looking at you too.” You and Chanyeol head down the stairs while lay was facing the wall you hurried and walked as fast as you could and sat on the farthest gambling table from him. While you both stared at him you saw Kyungso turning around offering other people drinks and avoiding him as much as he could. S: “when he finishes giving out the drinks hell head out to the kitchen, alright? Then operation lights off will ignite” C/Y: “roger that” While you felt that something was poking your foot your strap un-hooked so you tried to fix it, while Chanyeol still kept an eye on Lay, while Kyungsoo disappeared and got into the power box, you trying your best to hurry up, KY: “when I count to three, everyone will try to aim to lay”
“3” “2” “1” “Lights off” KY: “go go!” S: “fuck!!!!!” K: “I got him” Y: “Kai the fucken shoe that you bought me just broke” K: “not now babe, throw him the shoe then do something” People screaming cards flying chips rolling on the floor people firing, Chanyeol grabs you and hides you behind the table, he suddenly sees Suho and signals him that Lay is in side along with other colleges firing, S: “fuck this, I’m going in, I need some action in my life” C: “I need back up I got four people aiming on us“ KY: “im going” You suddenly peek on top of the table and see Lay get up and screams L: “Come out come out where ever you are, I know you’re here asshole, come out! I’ve been looking for you and your little hoe” C: “don’t you dare, Kai or else Suho will find out you’re here and you’ll be another target!” When suddenly kai starts walking and you say to him, K: “Please don’t do it, control yourself!” Chanyeol pops out and lay turns around and fires at Chanyeol, ~BAM, BAM~ L: “I wasn’t looking for you Chanyeol, I’m looking for Kai I know he’s here” You automatically go with Chanyeol and see that he’s bleeding from the chest, your eyes tear up and you get mad you turn around and see Kai looking at you and sees his pissed face you know he’s about to do something. When suddenly you stand up and throw at him your knife, Kyungso suddenly appears behind him and stabs him in one of his arms, he starts to fight with him, while you start shooting at him one of the security guards pushes you and your hand gun falls to the floor, the only thing you had in mind was to fight with your bare hands, so you did. Kai looked at you were having a hard time, K: “I want to fucken help!!!!” S: I’m almost there don’t do it!” K: “She’s getting fucken hit! I won’t let that happen!!” While battling with one of the guards Chanyeol stands up and grabs his gun, shots the guars you were fighting with, C: “Don’t do it Kai, for your own fucken sake!” You touch your lip and blood is coming out of it you say to kai “I’m ok don’t worry just stay where you are babe”. You see Kyungsoo having a hard time then you suddenly hear, ~Bang~ KY: “I’ve been hit! Come here little fucker” Suddenly you see Kyungsoo stabbing the hell out of Lay eventually he killed him, you start to feel a weird buzz coming from outside you start to see a lot of people getting out of vans. Helicopters surrounded the building everyone stared at each other, Y: “what the fuck is this” S: “is this a set up?” KY: “That little fucker I knew it” C: “I forgot they could actually monitor all our talking, FUCK!” K: “well shit… turn it off” Everyone decides to turn it off and start to talk in signals, everyone to huddle up in a circle and try to escape this mess was going to be hard but not impossible. ~Speakers from the police cars~ SU: “GET OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD, NOW YOU TOO KAI!” K: “oh, see I told you he already knew” he giggles S: “I’ll go on top of the roof I left some of my babies yesterday on top of the roof along with some ammo, ill cover you guys then I’ll run behind you guys” KY: “good plan I’ll stay here inside and protect Sehun, Clarissa and Kai you need to run” Y/K: “why?” KY: “you just have to, please you have to run and never look back leave from here, really far away from here, I’ll explain to you later why” K: “ok” C: “yeah don’t forget about me just saying. I’m bleeding here” KY: he giggles “you’ll be fine” C: “GOOOO their coming everyone to their places” Y: “but how can we leave you guys here..” Sehun runs up to the roof and gets prepped up, Kyungso pushes you both and says to you both again KY: “LEAVE” People started to approach the building, KY: “get ready, Chanyeol” C: “roger that!” he smirks You both make your way to leave the building to find kitchen and head out from that door luckily there was no one there yet, you guys ran like never before fearing for your life since you both had one last life. You started crying and started to remember all those precious moments you had with one and each of them, you would look at kai and he was shedding tears too. K: “I don’t know what the hell is going on to be honest, I promised them I would never leave them alone, Partners in crime forever, it feels like I’m betraying them” Y: “but you’re not, they asked you to leave so you are not betraying them” Suddenly you both hear shoots being fired you both stop running and you hear Kai screaming K: “NOOOOOOOO” He starts to run back to where they were, you help him back and screamed at him back, Y: “you can’t turn back!!!!” You pull him and start walking farther away from the building, You hear Sehun scream, S: “DIE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” Aiming to the helicopter that was targeting him, throwing grenades eventually he failed to do so, you both stopped walking and you started to murmur to yourself. Y: “come on Sehun you can do it! Do it! I know you can! No no no noooo!” You suddenly see Sehun holding a ticking bomb running towards the helicopter “it was his last resort” Kai said, you saw him fly on the sky sticking the bomb on the bottom of the helicopter and falling to the ground like a doll into the grown you knew he was dead. You sobbed like a little girl and kai pulled you while you saw everything in slow motion people that where inside the helicopter falling to the ground so they wouldn’t die but eventually they died seeing the helicopter explode and falling to the ground, while tears fell from your face you said to Kai, Y: “I want to go to that happy place, where we both were happy” When suddenly you both hear a Beeping sound a sound you both cant contain you both fall to the ground in pain and stare into your eyes,
~Beep Beep Beep~ You hear on the distance voices, you try to figure out what they’re trying to say all you could hear is mumbling, you try to open your eyes but fail to do so. Along with a loud beeping sound ringing in your ears. You could barely hear what they we’re Saying. That beeping sound vanished little by little. Desperately trying to move your lips to let them know you we’re Awake. Several times you tried your best to make a movement and say something but failed once again. Your inner voice was saying "what the he’ll Is going on here” "Hello, fucking arms move!!!!” "OK so that’s not working” Your inner voice said. You suddenly clearly hear a familiar voice KY: “what should we do with her?” “That’s Kyungsoo” your inner you said You hear a man’s voice. C: “Should we disconnect Them?” C: “Huh?” C: “Fucken tell me?!” You hear Kyungsoo crying KY: “I don’t Know OK! I don’t know!” C: “You heard the doctor they’re in a coma!” You steadily listen to what they’re saying. C: “you know what the fuck is that? A vegetable idiot! What are you going to say to their parents? We can’t Just let them live like this!!” C: “I’ll take care of this Once and for all nor their parents will know and you’ll Forget about them… believe me you will. I’ll make sure.” You start Hearing his steps getting closer to you slowly hear Kyungsoo say... KY: “what are you doing hyung? Don’t even dare to touch them!!!” Suddenly you hear a loud noise of them fighting throwing punches at each other chairs falling to the floor, curtains being moved. And things crashing against the wall. Your heart started to pound really fast, of all the commotion they were causing, the machines besides your bed started to beep uncontrollably, notifying the nurses that a problem had occurred. Screams invaded the room you were in, nurses trying to stop the fight while the doctor trying to see what’s happening to you and Kai. You didn’t understand the situation you were in. All you knew was that you were at the hospital in a coma state and two guys fighting over you. You hear a loud scream KY: “NO HYUNG!!!!”
Lyrics to the Last song (Dream- Urban Zakapa) Another me, No, I’m not like that Something unknown I’m not the way I look Simply leads me to the place Therefore, I’m moving forwards for a while I’m not another me again I’m going towards me Waking up, It’s not you, Now, I have to go Somewhere Someone’s voice is calling me Simply leads me to the place Therefore, I’m moving forwards for a while I’m not another me again I’m going towards me Waking up, It’s not you, Now, I have to go Somewhere Where somebody’s voice is calling me I can’t remember it, but There’s a place that I can’t reach Where somebody’s voice is calling me ♡My lovely taggers♡ @solodaywithB1A4 @KaeliShearer @thePinkPrincess @MadAndrea @ReynadeKpop @MichelleIbarra @AimeeH @TiffanyBibian @Tamaki1618 @Ligaya @AnnahiZaragoza @Jiyongixoxo @BrandyBell16 @ShortyGarcia @DestinyMcCauley @KpopQueenaBee @jenjenkhreim @Meeshell @panouvang123 @KellyOConnor @SarahVanDorn @Yongsongmi @PrettieeEmm @ShinyYang15 @LaurenStrayhorn @aortiz258 @parktaemi @saraortiz2002 @tayunnie @HerosBells @Starbell808 @torchix @cthulu @reyestiny93 @KeziahWright @funfunbunbun @Beckah1327 @EliseB @xoxrlwoxo @Moose1998 @skittlesrocks93 @EliseB @YoongiAegyo @TesneemElAlami @saraortiz2002 @Mikim000 @JaxomB @CreeTheOtaku @Ligaya @AnnahiZaragoza @SarahVanDorn @clstap1 @Gaarita100 @Mightmuffin @katcollins02 @MaryOsorio @Gaarita100 @Kpopfangirl15 @swarrier16 @TesneemElAlami @Kyokeo @VKookie47 @PatriciaS @merryjayne13 @KeziahWright @Ercurrent @LaurenDimalanta @KennaStarz @MomoChamie @QueenLele @KiinLyr @ot12exodus02 @MonkeyLee08 @TesneemElAlami @HerosBells @Starbell808 @PatriciaS @sarahdarwish @yaya12 @katcollins02 @Eliortiz13 @Orihemay @reyestiny93 @LemonLassie ♡If you want to be tagged let me know I’ll try my best to tag you all ♡ Thank you for taking your time to vote and read my cards ♡
I was like NO Sehun died and then bam you end it with a cliff hanger. Maybe Kyungsoo stopped him. I have a little bit of hope. Or is this like the matrix... Oh god I'll just pretend their still alive 😭😂
what just happened?? 😭😭 Sehun died!!😱 I didn't want him to die!! What happened at the end??
@sarahdarwish omg i dont know kekeke! what do you think did it end up good or not? any questions? ㅋㅋㅋ?
Wait did he...omg 😰...
omg..... please tell that's not the end I have so many questions that need to be answered.