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As the former Korean boy group EXO member Tao moved back to China to pursue his solo career, reports suggested that the singer is having regrets of leaving his previous career. Last April 2015, Tao left his famous Kpop boy band. He also bid farewell to SM Entertainment which eventually created a controversy on several reports, as he was rumored to repay his former entertainment agency after they filed a law suit against him, International Business Times reported.  Recently, the 22-year-old singer said that he is trying his best in reaching his dreams in the new path that he is taking right now. The former EXO member also revealed his secrets in achieving some of his aspirations. "The key is persistence. To me, I'm just me, not a star. I'm simply trying my hardest to do my best. I think it's become a part of my experience," Tao told Guangzhou Daily, noted by AllKpop. "Life always doesn't work out in your favor. Whether something is fair or not, I think if you are nice and active, then luck will follow," he added. As a performing alone now, the singer said that his preparing for everything with all his best. "What do I have in store for the fans? They will find out when that day comes. It's a 90-minute long concert," Tao declared on the source mentioned above. "What 'beautiful' means to me outside of just outward appearance is tenacity, optimism, and persistence. Fans are like family to me. I hope everyone is happy and lead a healthy life," he added. EXO will always be part of Tao. As of now, though he is exploring new things in the film industry, the former Korean boy band member continues to give importance to his music.
Deep down I believe he wants to go back to EXO and I believe the members would take him back in a heartbeat
I love Tao so much, it hurts 😭😍😘❤️
I'm going to Guangzhou in May hopefully there will be some type of fanmeet or concert i can go to, if anyone knows anything holla at your gurl
@CallMeMsDragon you are right
@tiffany1922 I'm sure that the members would but SM wouldn't