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Here are a few more edits I did today how you enjoy! Tell me which is your favorite in the comments section!
This one has got to be my favorite! It's just so good ,I'm very proud of it. I took the picture and just rotated it till it fit and connected with the others.
This one is...ok but it's not one of my favorites.
Literally didn't know what text to put on it so I jist put something kpop related. I really like how it fades outward and actually I took the picture of the pink tissue paper and just "sprinkled" glitter on it. haha
Looking through my pictures ,I found this old one that I took last summer while traveling to Mexico. I cropped it but still looks pretty natural so I'm satisfied with the result. The text just randomly popped in my head so i put it down on the picture haha.
These 2 pictures were taken by me on friday when I went to an African American art museum, as my school field trip. I like how they were taken by slightly different angles but they still fit good. For some reason I think this image would make a pretty nice cover of a pamphlet for this art museum! Don't you guys agree?
Took these pictures earlier. Took me forever to make the words and fixing the glitter. Especially because the glitter kept getting on my fingers and ugh so annoying. Anyway I simply put the boxes in a certain position next to each other and took the pictures from different angles. Hope you guys like it because i do! hahah (〜^∇^)〜 That is it for today! I will try to make more edits soon! If you'd like to be tagged on future cards ,again, let me know in the comments section!(´ε`*)