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This is such a disgrace. I'm not saying that it is someone or multiple people in the fandom but who ever it is,what is wrong with you? This almost the only thing the boys have that is personal. Everything else is out for the public to see. It is embarrassing and sad that you would want to invade their then you have the audacity to sell it for money. Clearly you don't understand how much trouble you will get in when you get caught, you would bring disgrace to yourself and your family for being stupid. This is not funny nor is it something you should play with. Hell everyone wants their number but damnit if you cared about them or cared for someone's privacy or if you had some decency you wouldn't try that. Imagine that everything you do was shown to the public so everyone could know. This is something they can actually somewhat protect from the public! Let them have something that they can keep to themselves, how do you think they would feel if they found out that an ARMY did it? How would they look at us as a whole? Yes they love us but in the back of their heads they probably regret because of some of the things that has happened to them. Stop thinking that you will get their attention because sweetie the attention you are seeking it's attractive because you are causing damage to 7 boys that millions of girls/boys love and cherish. Stop being stupid and have some decency. Let them have their privacy. I'm not saying it is an Army but who ever it is chill out seriously. This is a serious matter and you can get in a hell of alot of trouble and I'm sure your family doesn't want legal actions taken upon them for your stupidity.
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I guess they better.... run run run *badum tis*πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@ChaErica they really and truly do! BTS are still living and breathing human beings! They are just like everyone else in this world except they make music and that's it. They still want to be treated like humans yet ppl like this refuse to let them!
Smh people are ridiculous! Like seriously they are people too they need their privacy just like we do! People like this ruin things for everybody.