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I was at work and was thinking about how much I love some of my bias' vocals, then i came up with this challenge! ^^ Challenge: Create your own dream Kpop concert taking some of your bias' and putting them together on stage for a concert! Explain why you chose who you chose & what they will do at the concert! ^^ RULES: 1: Choose 6 Kpop idols & explain why you chose them 2: What kind of performances will these 6 idols do at the concert? solos, duets, dancing, singing, etc. 3: tag me & other fellow Kpop Vingle Family! ^^ Good luck choosing~ and have fun!! <3 here is my Kpop concert! I put some good thought into which of my fav idols would mesh well together in a concert~
1-Sungmin from Super Junior!! <3 I loooove Sungmin's vocals & his musicality! He's so talented and underrated. He performs fantastic solos and I would looove listening to him sing solos live <3 Bucket list stuff right here.
2-B-Bomb from Block B! B-Bomb is an awesome dancer & vocalist & when he sings in Block B songs, I like melt with his voice! It's so soothing and smooth!! Listening to him sing some solos would be amazing & of course some dance solos for sure!!! He's got some sick dance moves <3
3-J-Hope from BTS! One of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen & he has fantastic stage presence, you can see/feel just watching videos! J-Hope dance solos are LIFE <3 I actually really like his vocals too plus his rap style.
4-Taeyang from BigBang! I am GD bias...but I think Taeyang will mesh better with the other idols I've picked for this concert. Taeyang has awesome vocals & pretty cool dancing skills too!
5-Jr. from GOT7! he's the lead dancer of GOT7 and his vocals are very nice!! Some GOT7 songs, there's a part he has, such as in If You Do, where it's mesmerisimg when he comes in! Lol I'm Youngjae bias too~ But I like Jr. dancing <3
6-Taemin from Shinee! Taemin is an awesome dancer and I love his solos! He's an awesome performer over all & I would love to see some of his solos live!!
SO all together these 6 would have an awesome concert together!! They all have good dancing abilities which would make for some DOPE dance routines with all them together, some dance battles, some of them even being back up dancers while others sing a solo, some duet dances~ it would be SO awesome!! I think all these guys' vocals would blend well together if they performed some songs together too! Some duets or trios especially!!! Ah this would be like a dream concert almost!! <3
BTW you hooked me at bbomb
this would be awesome.
omg i'd pay to go!!!
this sounds fun ^_^
@MandyNoona B-Bomb is life. I can't wait for him to slay me in the upcoming Block B comeback xD lol I would probably fangirl die if this concert were a thing
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