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You picked Kookie. Out of everyone in the world you picked him. I have an idea why @isabellaelliott
Maybe because he does the best impersonation of a fish out of water.
Or maybe it's because when it's cold he will share his coat with you. He never wants you to be sick.
Maybe it's because he will never let you worry about too much about anything because he will be there to protect you.
He is agreeable. You can suggest anything and he will smile and nod.
Even though he goes a little zombie on you at times, it's just because he needs some sleep.
Maybe he just need some time to hang out and watch some movies. nothing sad that it would kill his smile.
Since girls make him nervous, at some point, when he musters up all his courage he would say something very simple, yet meaningful.
She said "Yes" now he must dance. @isabellaelliott I hope you enjoyed this. tagging my #thunderbuddies @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @JaiiPanda @jessicaacosta90 my little people @josalynnstyles @leab259
lsakdjf; how can you NOT be in love with kookie!?
I even toned it down
my kookie ;-;
@ashleyemmert i just died
But it's just so cute
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