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First I draw myself..actually this is the first time I've drawn myself. I usually just do the second step.
Second, creepy shit and listen to Kpop. Fun fact, these are my eyes.
Ft. Half drawn Leo ...he'll look better when I finish him but I'm just not feeling up to it atm
@RebeccaLondon I have a couple cards on them. I drew the members of B.A.P recently and I had also made a card about all of the art I've done in the last 5 years. I'll try to find them among my shitposting for you
Same I focused on theater and choir because I never thought I was any good at art. It has been 10 years since I last tried to draw anything and a few months ago while working a late night at work I decided to draw TOP. It was crap lol. I started practicing and recently discovered I'm not as bad as I thought. My husband and coworkers keep encouraging me to draw more so I am now. I'd love to see more of your work.
@RebeccaLondon well we didn't have much to choose from at my school. We got to have two electives freshman year so I chose art and choir. Every year we got to have one more elective and I stopped doing choir junior year because the choir teacher left and they got a really crap one. My art teacher really only taught me shading and that was it. She never helped me in class because I wasn't as talented as my friends were. She said my niche is painting because that was the only thing she liked of mine. I've had to teach myself techniques while watching my friends in class. It was all mostly trial and error. One of my friends saw that I was close to tears senior year because every year we would have Culture Night which was where we would have our own booths of our art for people in the community to see and one of the girls in our class who had her booth next to my friend's said "can you switch me spots because Elizabeth's art is a lot better than mine and yours isn't." So I was put down a lot in my art and she said "art isn't a talent, it's a skill you have to work on." In these two years since I've graduated, I've learned more by myself that in those 4 years of classes. Like if I showed you a drawing I did in high school vs one I've done lately, you'll see what I mean. When I first got into high school I could only draw manga style.
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