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Situated just between Morocco and Tunisia, Algeria is not as well known as its neighbors but certainly not less beautiful. After Sudan split in two independent countries, Algeria became the biggest country in Africa. The northern side of the country is a 1200km of beautiful costs in the Mediterranean sea. I chose to start right from the beginning with the photographs, so they are about Algiers the capital city of the country. The first and the second pictures are about the first sight that hits you when you get to Algiers by boat, that area is really crowded because there's a big harbor there, state institutions and also a fish market with many restaurants. The 3rd one is a beautiful garden made by French during colonization it's called "Le jardin d'essais" which could be translated as "trials garden" because they tried to collect the most exotic and rare plants from all over the world and tried to plant theme in Algeria to see if they could grow in its climate, the large building ahead of it is "Le musée des beaux Arts" it's an art museum where you can see Rodin's sculptures, Etienne Dinet and Delacroix paintings with many Algerian artists's art pieces as well, the view from the museum's large balcony is breathtaking you get to see the hole garden with an endless sea background. The three next photographs are also from inside the garden. The two next photographs are the beautiful church called "Notre Dame d'Afrique" situated in the top of a hill with also a great view on the whole Algiers as well as a dazzling view on the sea, well major historical sites in Algiers have a sea view. The last one is the emblematic and well known Kasbah, built during Ottoman's (Turkish) colonization, plenty of Chaabi music artists (translated as popular music) come from there, well I didn't knew that there was so much to say about only Algiers because the Chaabi music is in fact very popular it's the one you here in the local cafés also played in weddings specially the groom's party there's a big dinner where everybody is invited to eat even if you're just passing by the lace the wedding is being held then you'll enjoy a Chaabi singing show till early in the morning, very nice scene to watch. As I'm writing I remembered many historical sites and places that I did't shown the photographs of, but I think that it would need other cards for that. Well that's just the beginning I'll try to introduce you to more cities more views and I will introduce you to Algerian cuisine, I hope you'd like theme :) (the photographs come from the internet I did not made them)
@nollakolla your compliment goes right into my heart thank you I'll do my best :)
@alise now that I have people interested in seeing my card I won't disappoint anyone, I'll look for better photographs and I'll introduce you to my country's best places, my real first name is Ouahiba I know how to write it in Korean this would be : 와히바 (I don't speak Korean though, just to show you how it is pronounced I hope you read Korean lol) ouahoo is a nickname a friend gave me when I was like 14 years old since then my friends call me that way, the profile picture you see is really me, so now you know lol
@Tapsamai yes the insecure and perfectionist can go together, so I want to do a good job but though I'm not sure what others think of it :) I'm Ok with your assignment, there's a long time since I did any assignment by the way but I love challenges, and I would be happy to work with you, from your comments I really appreciate the way you think that's why your opinion is important to me besides that you have more experience in those stuff lol I'll do my best to post the new card because my Internet connexion is not helping ;p
This is such good cards about Algeria !! Would love to know moreabout Algeria, if you have more time to introduce it for us !
@ouahoo I am still waiting the beaches photos of your country !! I heard that North Africa, the beach is really beautiful !! And what is your name, by the way?
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