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This is the video that alot of armi are waiting for ... and of cause that's also me.
I don't under stand what it is i'm so confuse all i see is only bts and presents everywhere... and it's start out with kookie omg i know right away when i saw his back on the second picture
Then everyone got their present, presents and presents. ( yoongi face thogh lol )
After that they show us bts again and they taking picture
and end...
I think you could find the video from one of these and thank you for reading cr: sktschool
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n omf jimin needs to fricking chill like imma loose it supposed to be on the suga train
I think it's a cell phone ad campaign with a boarding school concept. This is just a guess from what I gathered from the website, and the videos.
kookie is fckn manly i cant he's all grown up now
we all knew that the bts Heirs was bound to happen <3
ong they all look so good!!! :)