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EXO New York Concert

Got back from the EXO concert in New York, and let's just say a miracle happened. I had bought a ticket for a balcony seat that was the cheapest ticket I could find. Even though the view of the stage was not great I was still having an amazing time. From my seat I could see the guys backstage walking around before the first song even started. And then when they were changing out of the Disney outfits I could see behind the paper which was fun.
But then an hour into the concert, out of no where, one of the centers workers came and told everyone in my section to stand up because we were going to be taken to the floor section. I guess they had accidentally sold out section because they knew it wouldn't have a good view so to apologize everyone in my section got to stand on the floor for the rest of the concert!! It was insane and I felt so lucky. It was my first Kpop concert and a miracle happened, I paid $100 for a balcony seat and yet ended up with the people that spent $200+
And that is the story of my first Kpop concert.
All these photos are killlling me and you are so CUTE! Your nails are perfect *sobs*
@kpopandkimchi Thank you!
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