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Yay! Part 7! It getting heated everyone! Let's start! Recap: Nichkhun was trying to tell me something when Jun K. came in, frustrated.....
1. (Glances back and forth between them) 2. Junho! Help! (Tries to get them to stop) 3. (Continues to try to get them separated) 4. What were you guys thinking?! 5. (Looks up at him) 6. W-What? I'm not doing anything! (Glares) 7. (Gasps and turns red) S-Stop! (Muffled obviously) 8. Taecyeon.... (Blushes as I try to push him away) 9. I'm fine now.... can you get up? (Smiles) 10. Breakfast sounds great.
11. Why is he still mad? 12. Junho? 13. (Turns to look at him and blushes) 14. (Notices their looks and blushes darker) 15. (Same as above) 16. Fine! (Hugs) 17. Hmm? (Places hand over neck) 18.(Hickey?!) 19. (Looks away from Jun K.) 20. Hmm? Okay.....
21. I will be fine going by train actually. 22. (Same as above) 23. Wooyoung? Why you here? 24. (In image) 25. Oh! Hey didn't see you there.... (Snickers) To be continued.....
All done! Jun K. is being really jelly right now XD Taecyeon is being a bit of a bias wrecker from these results though.... Tagging! @shannonl5 @buddyesd @ErinGregory @poojas @danidee @ButterflyBlu @nicolejb @VinMcCarthy @selley12 @MichaelOgg @Helixx @terenaliyn @MadAndrea @thePinkPrincess @jessicaacosta90 @ReynadeKpop @BBxGD @Jiyongixoxo
i want to do this dont know how though
LOL Jun.K tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He very very jealous!
@xroyalreisx of the slides ^-^
@xroyalreisx It's waaay easier on phone ^-^ All you do is take a screenshot
@jessicaacosta90 why what do you recommend
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