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I can't lie. I'm definitely the texter on the left. (But hey, I'm not trying to be rude or anything! My thoughts just keep continuing after I've already sent something!)
Which one of these are you? Which kind of texter are your friends and family? Is there a texting style you'd prefer people to have when they talk to you?
I wouldn't consider the texter on the right as considerate. I am prone to text like the left. I like them short, punchy, quick and easy. Get to the point fast. If it's a diatribe, I can't bebothered. Call me instead.
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totally the one on the right, except I've been told I send novels via text because they're so long xD
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my texts are basically novels
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I'm the overly considerate texter that always reaches his max amount of characters without reaching the end of his thought...
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I think I am a combination of both...
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