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Lee Seung Gi showed he′s aiming to transform into the evil one sometime in the future. The singer-turned-actor spoke at the press roundtable for MBC′s Gu Family Book held on May 20. "I want to try acting in a villain role someday when I′m older and I′m trying to win the Daesang at the Drama Awards," he said. "I believe having an aura and experience will be important, so I think I′ll try it out around the time I′m in my late 30s or in my 40s. I′ll try out for the Daesang with a villain role." Lee Seung Gi has appeared as a prince in MBC′s The King 2Hearts, a mischievous student in SBS′ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and a man who lives off of his rich grandmother in SBS′ Shining Inheritance. Most of his roles have been cute and off-the-wall, but he drew attention to his future as an actor by stating he wishes to act as a villain someday. The singer has recently been receiving favorable reviews on his acting through Gu Family Book. Yoo Dong Geun, a fellow actor in the drama, also said about Lee Seung Gi′s acting, "I′m sometimes jealous of how he immerses himself in his role." Gu Family Book has been soaring at the top of viewership charts for its time slot. Photo credit: MBC [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]