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instead of being my lover, Maggie(my iphone) is more like my child....i absolutely love her and would be lost without her ♥
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hey why the name Maggie for yr phone ? The only maggie I know is Maggie instant noodles ! : )))
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well, short sister has a navigation system in her car, so for short we called it Navi....since its a woman speaking back to you, i decided to call it when i brought my iphone, of course Maggie already resided in there under "Google Maps" and so thats how her name came about, hahhahahahhaha!!!!!!
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Awww, I'm glad you have Maggie though. I mean, without all of them would be awful! So, at least she's by your side. XD
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thats true, i think a lot of ppl are soo dependent on their phone's, its quite sad...lolz..
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