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Okay I'm spazzing just thinking about this but I'm doing it I got inspired to write a fanfic (-///-) I wanna do Leo an Ravi because my God they cute together Their song chimed up give me ideas an many video I've watch so it's gonna be pretty kinky an smutty don't worry there will be romantic comedy in it lol and such It'll be my first fanfic so Go easy on me but still feel free to give me your opinion I'm open to suggestions or who would you want me to write about ill look up the pair an just match the personality hehe Anyways I'll start tomorrow because it's late here an I'm sleepy lol wish me Luck guys I'm nervous to let you see my pervy mind (////) Also give me time to write lol my grammar might suck if I rush so yeah lol I'll try to finish the first part as fast as possible without missing or misspelling words in it I'll try to be as detailed as possible lol (^u^)
@twistedPuppy I seen thank you
@LysetteMartinez @KaeliShearer I tag you guys already
Plz tag me
@DestinaByrd thank you 😊😄 here I go
@twistedPuppy oh ok YAY!!!
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