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For the love of Tyra
An 8th grader me used to jump off the school bus and go straight to channel 9 just to watch the Tyra show. I knew I would get her tatted one day. As far as portraits go it came out good! I started posting #tyratuesdays on my Instagram 馃槀. If I met Tyra I would tell her what watching her show did for me at that age..getting introduced to Obama when he was just a candidate..to controversial topics like racism and some wild shit people say..also congrats on the baby!
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Oh whaaaat. This tattoo is sick! I like it a lot. I love Tyra too. It's really inspiring how driven and in control of her career she is. She's had a really terrific, long one, and with the new baby, it feels like she's really just starting.
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@danidee hey thanks! Your right she's the realest! Thanks for the love and like your page!
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Thanks, dude! :) This is a great first post. I can't wait to see what you write next!
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this is commitment right here
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