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Yesterday, @katiems came up with a super fun challenge :D

Challenge: Create your own dream Kpop concert taking some of your bias' and putting them together on stage for a concert! Explain why you chose who you chose & what they will do at the concert! ^^
1: Choose 6 Kpop idols & explain why you chose them
2: What kind of performances will these 6 idols do at the concert? solos, duets, dancing, singing, etc.
3: tag me & other fellow Kpop Vingle Family! ^^

My 6 Idols

- Cha Hakyeon (actual angel)
- Ken (real-life prince)
- Hyuk (my son)
- Jimin (Ji-booty)
- Suga (angel of my death)
- Seungkwan (my bff)


Cha Hakyeon and Jimin dancing stage.
I feel like they would really inspire each other while working together and they'd come up with something crazy! They're styles are all so different!
Seungkwan and Ken vocal AND comedy stage.
They are SO TALENTED and SO FUNNY. I'd love to see them show off their amazing voices and then have some sort of skit that would be incredibly hilarious.
Hyuk and Suga duet.
Hyuk's song with Ravi was amazing so I'd love to see him do another rap collaboration :D This time with the wonderful Min Yoongi^^
I'd love to see them get together on stage and cover BTS, Seventeen, and VIXX songs :)

Would you come to my show?!

I would so attend this concert!! <3 ^^ Its really awesome~
@MorganElisabeth I think I can arrange that ;D
If Seungkwan will let me take him out to dinner after, most definitely. :')
Depends on the price of good seats at the show 😉
where do I sign up :) I love this challenge I will have to make mine when I get home
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