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Started from the bottom, now we here?

No seriously, what happened? XD
Last time I posted a Card on my beloved "Why anime?" collection here on Vingle, I had around...100 followers? Since last week, it literally exploded. My notifications-box has been filled with "[User] started following your collection" and it hasn't stopped since XD
Jibril's reaction up top has kinda been my face for a while now XD

What happened?! XD

I would very much like to know that, because I have no freaking idea XD
Again, even though I haven't been able to post anything in a while and probably won't post in a while due to a doctor's visit, I am truly grateful :)
(I am working on a very very big Card and topic to discuss and talk about. But it literally requires *alot* of careful choice of words, lay-out and such. But it'll be worth it)
For those who haven't started following the *famed* Why anime? collection, you really should! XD
Thanks Again

Tagging ALL my followers of my "Why anime?" collection!

How did *you* find me? :)

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@hikaymm thanks! But I'm more...*concerned* over why so many users started to suddenly follow the "Why anime?" collection XD
I liked your post so looked at your page. I was hoping to find I nice user that day,and you fit the bill 10fold
I don't see discussions like the ones you have anywhere and it goes deeper into why anime is the way it is or why the anime community acts a certain way. its enjoyable, interesting, and I love just reading things that are different and I adore learning new things, especially about anime. you're doing great. keep it up 馃槉馃挄
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