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Wake up and smell the coffee.

Crust in your swollen eyes that you rather not pry open after a night of restlessness or maybe that's just defeat. Either way, get rid of it because it's time for you to tackle yet another week. It's 2016, which means we embrace Monday mornings with an open heart, mind and wallet -- just incase you need a five hour energy to help you through the day.
If you can make it through Monday, you can pretty much make it through anything. Keep that mentality throughout the week and you'll be a pro before you know it. If it took everything for you to roll out of bed this morning, no worries -- you were not alone. Keep scrolling to see a few good morning habits that will make your days shorter and your mornings easier.

Wake Up Early.

Five minutes before your normal time is not early. Try waking up at least an half hour earlier than normal. It will soon become a habit.

Take A Nice Hot Shower.

Showers always wake you up and give you that rush of energy your body longs for. The hotter, the better. Just don't burn yourself.

Throw On Some Tunes.

Who doesn't love music. Put on your favorite song and allow the melody to take over. You can even dance a bit if you're up to it. The more movement, the better.

Stretch Your Body.

Stretching early in the morning will get your blood flowing and circulating which is super important in the morning when you are feeling sluggish and lazy. Get up and get moving.

Eat A Hearty And Healthy Breakfast.

Breakfast is hands down the most important meal of the day. Even if you just grab a banana, make sure you eat something to give yourself a bit of fuel needed to start your day.

Pretty simple, right?

You can do it. Go ahead, tackle Monday and don't forget to smile.
How do you wake yourself up in the morning?
whaaaaaaat!? I need that app, please share the deets. Definitely sounds like a GODSEND for sure because I am the queen of setting like 10 alarms lol @nicolejb
I got this new app that wakes me up in the morning without using snooze, and it's been a GODSEND. seriously, my days and mornings are so much better because I get out of bed on time!
My Monday morning routine is to wake up, remember that I have a bunch of personal days that I can use whenever, and call out of work.
I will def check it out and go ahead, no harm in twerking! lol @EasternShell
Yes I did. Check out Veronica's card if you haven't. You ladies are making my Monday. I might twerk by the end of the day. Just joking:)
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