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WARNING some kinky stuff S&M Rate M smut if you don't like BDSM don't enter Proceeds at your own pleasure ;)


It's my first fanfic ever I hope I do well an you guys enjoy it it's about Leo an Ravi ^_^ I got inspired by chained up so it gonna be pretty smutty comment If you wish to be tagged
The sound of heavy breathing and rough groans, the Squeaking of a bed and chains rattling and the smell of sweat filled the room The fog on the window almost made it seem like you where inside a boiling hot steam room and by the sweat dripping from their body made it even more hotter and steamy. Leo grab a fist full of Ravi hair pulling his head back forcefully causing him to lean back a bit Leo whisper into Ravi ear "How about we play a little game...just you an me this time" Leo voice was smooth Seducing his alluring eyes full of desire and lust that made Ravi body shiver this made Leo smile Leo pulls Ravi hair an leading him towards a chair with hand cuffs attached to each side of the chair and forcefully sit Ravi cuffing both hands and legs Ravi didn't fights against it either instead he play along Leo's game and watches as Leo rips off his own shirt and slowly claims on top of his lap the way Leo look made Ravi want him more but just couldn't get the courage to tackle him down his soft pale skin that look so bite able and those moist pink lips that Ravi wish to kiss until they were swollen Ravi licks an bite his bottom lip just thinking about Leo lips around his dick Leo notice an smirks a little grin an slowly lean in close to Ravi "What you say huh wanna be the master while I can be your slave...."
@lilbr0wneyes lol I'm glad you like my story make me feel good and happy about myself tbh
@twistedPuppy yes you are the smut expert makes for great stories
@lilbr0wneyes lol yeah and I mean pfft... I'm the smut expert so like yeah.. pfft... you know pfft like pfft....gotta share my awesome smut mind and stuff...pft lol....I'm such a lameo
@KoreanDramaMaMa oh yeah okay sure lol
@twistedPuppy I'm glad your comfortable now because your not alone when it comes to nasty minds I'm right there with you.
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