Thank you guys soooooo much for reading my first smut fanfic and liking it so much!!!!
It's my first time getting so many likes, views, clips, and comments on my fanfics so I truly appreciate you guys for reading it!!! Though my writing skills ain't perfect I'll do my best! ( why does it feel like I'm giving a really bad reward speech? XD) Also , thank you @luna1171 for checking it out and sharing it with others! I'm really don't know how to bulk tag everyone so I really appreciate it!!!!
Also, some news about upcoming fanfics! I decided to update at least once or twice a week with a new oneshot also, I will try to upload my reedit version of my long term fanfic : Broken Pieces Of Our Hearts I will work on them during the week and will upload them during the weekend. I'm also working on another long term fanfic but this time its a shipping (yaoi) but I haven't picked who yet but I have an idea. ( it's gonna be a gangau) So if you guys want to be tagged in my works then comment below!!!
Thank you !!!!
you're welcome. .and I loved tag me I your fanfics . specially if they are Markson or Jackson well u know?
tag me! I 😝