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kpop concert challenge!

I was tagged by @katiems and I thought it looked awesome! so here's my concert.
def. gotta pick eunhyuk because he is one of the best dancers i'ver ever seen! he'd perform a beautiful dance solo.
sticking with my super junior theme, kyuhyun would kill a solo. by far my favorite vocalist!
my daesungie would sing his little heart out! his voice gives me all the feels!!!!!
d.o. kyungsoo would sing and dance. he should do a duet with kyuhyun, because im curious to see how it woud sound.
I'm sending a trend....this concer will be full of powerful vocalists, youngjae from got7 included ;) and he is literally a ball of sunshine that I want to see shine on stage
my angel will dance with eunhyuk and be wonderful! I also want to hear him sing a solo for a change.
PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER AND IT WILL BE THE BEST BOY GROUP ON THE MARKET! I tag @sarcasticghost @taetaebaozi @sammie99522
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