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Weekly Feels, NAKAMA style!!
Monday馃槱 Tuesday馃槖 Wednesday馃槕 Thursday馃槒 Friday馃構 Saturday馃槣馃槣馃槣馃槣馃槤馃槤馃槤馃槤 Sunday馃構,馃槒,馃槖,馃様,馃槥 And the cycle goes on. But as long as I have anime and manga!! 馃槣馃槣馃槣馃槤馃槤馃槤馃馃馃馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槒馃槒馃槒馃構馃構馃構 Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!! NAKAMA love!!
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that is so me its not that I hate Sundays but then there's that moment you have to go to bed and when you wake up its fuckin monday
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I hear ya
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@MadLikeHatter haha that's how I always am. Atleast Monday is pretty much over tho so getting closer to the weekend NAKAMA!!
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@cindystran they really do for the average week feelings and expressions pretty well. I did my best to imitate them as well. Week starts out like a horror movie then moves slowly into a cheap but slightly good comedy then finally it becomes your favorite film to watch as much as you want. Well for a couple days Atleast haha
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@LuffyNewman GUM GUM DAZE
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