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Dec 31 1906 the first anime The earliest motion picture anime was found in Kyoto, Japan. It depicts a salior removing his hat and saluting. This film was only three seconds. Dec 31 1929 World War Two Japanise government would urge animators to produce animations which enforced the Japanese spirit and national affiliation. The military would also hire animators to make films showing the sly, quick japanise forces winning against enemy troops. most anime in this time period was propaganda. Apr 11 1945 Momotarō: Umi no Shinpei The first feature length anime film, in English the film is known as Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors. It was funded by the Imperial Japanese Navy. Jan 3 1946 the first work of "The Father of Manga and Anime" Osamu Tezuka created his first work at the age of 17, "Diary of Ma-chan", inspired by the creations of Walt Disney. Apr 30 1961 Otogi Manga Calendar Otogi Manga Calendar, the first televised anime series, was an educational program where the main characters would talk about what happened on that day in history. Dec 31 1961 One of the best work from "The Father of Manga and Anime" Astro Boy, a manga written by Osamu Tezuka, was the creation that sent Osamu Tezuka into the history books as "The Father of Manga and Anime". Oct 19 1963 First super robot anime series Tetsujin 28-go, it was the first Japanise anime to feture a giant robot. In hopes of winning wars, the creator makes a three-story remote control robot, but when he finishes it the war is over. After the creator dies of a heart attack the robot is given to his ten year old son, who uses it to fight crime. Oct 5 1974 First Anime Space Opera Series Space Battleship Yamato was a special anime because it was the first anime space opera series. This anime was inspired from the success of the Star Wars movies. Apr 6 1979 The First Real Robot Anime Mobile Suit Gundam, was the first anime with the real robot genre. Real robot is an anime style where mecha robots that are powered by conventional power sources and weapons explainable by real world science, and that use ranged weapons and speed to survive battle situations. Feb 25 1986 The Dragon Ball Series This anime was origonally a manga series untill it hit the air and became one of the most famous anime in Japan, coming out with three sequells to the origonal anime. Mar 31 1999 Pokemon Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri and went from a japanise video game to an anime, manga, card game, and so much more. It became one of the most popular anime in America. Feb 29 2008 Doraemon, the First Anime Ambasador In 2008, Japan created the position of Anime Ambassador and appointed Doraemon, a popular mice-fearing anime robot, as the first Anime Ambassador to promote anime worldwide in diplomacy. Period: Dec 31 1906 to Apr 3 2012 earliest recording of anime to now