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If you would like to request a lock screen comment below! I will take the first 20 request I get!

If you have multiple requests I will take the first 2 or 3 depending on how many requests I get.

Please comment with 1) who you want in the lock screen (no more than 7 people in one lock screen) 2) If they are not in BTS, GOT7, BigBang, or VIXX please tell me what group they are in or if they are a solo artist 3) what type of pictures (smiling, sexy, aegyo) 4) what color(s) for the background 5) If you want any text please tell me what you would like the text to say (see the BTS Valentine's Day lock screens as an example) Please try to be as specific as possible in your request it makes it easier for me to get the lock screen looking the way you would like it to!
I just wanted to let you guys know that I am working on the lock screen request and I am hoping to have them all done by this weekend. I wanted to have them done sooner but I ended up getting sick over my spring break so I'm working on them now but I'm back in class.
Or even like the 6 matoki rabbit things in a collage thing since that would give more image options. either one if it's not too much ^_^
hmm could you do B.A.P jokomato background? It's like a little rabbit alien character they have. it'd be kick ass to have a collage thing of it with a background like the Daesung one you made. but if there's not much to choose from as far as Internet images then don't worry about it ^_^ I would totally understand because it's kinda specific
Ah girl, killing me with these lock screens again! Though it was nice seeing my Jiyong and Namjoon ones again. BTW, the GD wallpaper you made for my computer is still my background and my Line and phone backgrounds change between all the lovely ones you've made for me. You are so wonderful for doing these for us fangirls. If you have some time in the future and need something to do, I have a weird request... I would not be opposed to having wallpaper of Jimin's thighs. Wow, that seems like such a weird thing to put as one's phone background. How about his thighs, abs and sexy lip biting? That's less weird, right?
I love these! Can you please add me to your tag list? :)
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