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Woman posts ad seeking a rich guy who makes at least $500,000.00 a year or more to marry (cuz everyone knows making only 250,000 is not nearly enuf to live in New York). Also asks for advice on the best way to go about snagging one, where to go to find the "rich guys" hanging out, and why most Rich guys have such average looking wives? This chicks head is bigger than our entire universe filled only with vanity and ego and that's it!! This J.P. Morgan CEO reply deflates her head in mere seconds! BEST REPLY EVER!!!!!!!!
I used to joke around about hanging out in the libraries of top colleges until I could land myself a future millionaire, but NO ONE ACTUALLY DOES THAT.
@dianes6711 I agree @CallMeMsDragon left nothing else to say with that one!!!!
@callmemsdragon set her straight! I tip my hat to you that was an excellent reply.
NICELY SAID!!!!! @CallMeMsDragon