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Wow it has been some time and Vingle keeps deleting my draft slots. Lmao Sorry this chapter is so late and short. Vingle has hated me lately and won't let me link it but if you have not read my first part please do follow my collection and read the first part so your not lost. Thank you for reading. :3
You were Trying so hard not to be called out for drawing one of the new kids. "Why are you hiding?" Your friend asked. You whisper. "I drew that one of those guys today during art class..and I'm not sure if he was flirting but he called my name beautiful. " Yoongi walked into the doors and looked at you as he passed you. You blinked and looked away quickly. He sat down by his friends and sighed. "What's that hyung?" Hobi asked. "Mm what does it look like?" Yoongi said looking up at him. "It looks like a drawing of you Yoongi" Tae nodded. "Who drew it? It looks really nice" Nam joon added. You over heard them and hid by your friend. "That chick over there, the one hiding" he pointed. "Don't point. That's rude" Jimin put down his hand. Hobi smiled, not thinking. He ran towards you, really excited. "Hey! You! Can I be your mode-"he yelled as he tripped and fell. Jin shook his head and laughed. "Hobi!" Jungkook laughed. "Dude!" You turn and look down at him, feeling bad that he fell but you let out a little giggle. Your friend looked at you, biting back her laugh. You got out of your chair and kneeled down by him. "Are you okay?" He laughed at himself. "Yeah. I'm okay" he looked up at you. "Can I still be your model?" You sigh, looking away "Maybe.." "Pleaseee" he smiled wide. "I said maybe" you mumble and hold out your hand to help him up. He took your hand as he got up with you. "My name is hoseok but you can call me Hobi if you want " he smiled You smile. "I'm y/n" nice to meet you." He sees your friend akwardly sitting there so he also introduced himself to her. "Hi! I'm hoseok!" He said as he threw his hand in front of her. Your friend jumped and looked up at him. She blushed and slowly reached for his hand to shake it. "I-I'm../insert friends name here?/" she stuttered. He smiled and waved. "Y/n! Lemme know when you need me for a model! See ya girls later" he grinned and walked back to his friends. You sat down next to your friend. She patted her cheeks. "Oh my I'm blushing so much!" She whined You laughed. "That's okay" She grabbed your shoulders. "How do you keep yourself so calm around boys!?" She shook you. "I dunno. I just stay calm I guess" you shrugged. Jungkook looked at Hobi. "How do you even?" He sighed Hobi patted his back "your day will come my friend" "The music teacher said she would lend us the music room if ya guys wanna stay after to practice" Nam joon added Jungkook smiled "I'm up for that" The other members decided they would go home.
It's time for lunch and you stay put at your desk like you usually do. "I'll be back after I get my food!" Your friend made a run for it. Opening your lunch, you felt a hand mess up your hair. It was Jin. "Hey." He said with a smile. You shook your hair and huffed "Eating lunch with me again?" Jin shrugged "why not. The boys can eat without me. They are big boys" he laughed, pulling up a chair. You open your lunch box and dug in. "So I've heard that you met a few if the boys. I'm sorry if they cause you any trouble." He smiled "Nah it's okay. I don't really mind" you smile. "I dunno I guess it makes my life a bit interesting to meet new people" you shrug. Your friend walked in at was at the door listening at the last lines you say "meet new friends" She walked in quietly and sat down. She got a little scare that you were trying to replace her. "This is my best friend /friends name?/ " you smile at her. Jin chuckled. "Hello I'm Jin. Nice to meet you " Your friend smiled right away, trying to get what you said off her mind. "Hello Jin " she mumbled, shyly. You smile at her, glad that she was able to meet some of the new boys with you. The three of you spent the whole lunch period talking about school and food.

*end of the school day bell*

You walk your friend to her locker. "What's wrong?" You ask her. "Mm it's nothing " she sighed and opened her locker. "Are you sure..if there's something Wrong let me know" you rub her back. She nodded." I had fun today" she put on a fake smile that you can't tell out of anywhere "Well I'll text you later okay. If there is something wrong let me know. " you smile. " I'll see you tomorrow have fun at art club! " you both hugged and she left.
Well then here we are. I'm slowly running out of ideas but I don't wanna abandon this and leave people hanging so if ya have a suggestion lemme know!! Also lemme know if ya wanna be tagged when I update next.
@AdiaJasinski ahaha thats always a good thing! I like that they all are in school, maybe trying having her focus on each member with something they lack in and she helps them reach their goal of succeeding. Not that any of them aren't good at nothing lol
I love this!!!! Where were you originally trying to go with this?
@LemonLassie idk lmao I just kept having dreams with BTS in it and I was like. I'll just write something