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Technically, I woke up like this.

I woke up in a very hum drum mood. It's Monday. As positive as I want to be, I also wish it was Friday. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way. I sat for a bit pondering how this day could go one of two ways: positive or negative -- and that decision was totally up to me.
While I may be tired and may prefer being snuggled up in my covers right about now, I had to realize that it could always be worse. Funny enough, I stumbled across this video that focused on the minuscule things that can get us upset which left me realizing that it's never that serious. I choose positivity today and everyday. If your morning started off a bit rocky, keep scrolling to check out the video below that will leave you chuckling. Just remember, it could always be worse.

Can you relate?

Choose positivity today. It could always be worse.
I will never understand how people are able to take the BIGGEST BITE of pizza when it's fresh out of the oven. And they look at me like I'm crazy for letting it cool. My hot beverages all have to be kids temp!!!!!
Burning my tongue first thing in the morning! That's my least favorite thing in the whole world. my food is ruined for the whole day
These things really do bum me out! I remember seeing that you could download a gif that looks like you're still typing on your iPhone and text it to people. Lol, so cold-blooded.
Cereal and a drop of milk. Oh no...
Hahah I like hot beverages though, that's my problem. I get so excited to eat or drink. I need to be more careful and take my time for sure @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton
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