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Hiya Nakama!! (: I think many of us can say how influential anime and manga can be in our lives and I decided that I needed to make a collection of cards explaining and capturing those important moments or tidbits of when they hit home. So this collection will be filled with cards describing how an anime, quotes, characters, ost, Seiyuus and much more that have struck a chord with me and maybe to you guys as well! :) So today I wanted to share how this particular quote from SAO is important to me. It may be a little sad but it also showcases a very important lesson: Love. When you are in love, you know that all you see and care about is that person. A person who may help you strive to be a better person, someone who makes you undeniably happy and someone who accepts your flaws and imperfections and yet still love them just as much as your perfections. When you in love, and if that person passed on, you don't know what to do and youd rather die than live a life alone separate from that person. And Kirito did EVERYTHING to save Asuna and showed audiences that he was willing to die to for the well being of another he truly cared about. Love can work in very mysterious ways and is so powerful. This anime proved that. Their love is what motivated them to stay alive and keep going in spite of the circumstances.
I'm not gonna lie I used to think I'd rather die than be alone but anime taught me not to throw my life away and to keep moving forward and not give up. I love see true romance in Anime and it's not sappy or anything like that, it's just truly beautiful and inspiring and helping us to believe in true love
Some things can be accomplished through what you love to do. Anime opened my mind up to a more creative outlook on life in general. Hence the reason why I am aspiring to become a game designer and make my game series a work of art that will leave an impact like no other. Anime also taught me the aspects of individuality and opening your horizons and I love it for that.
yay! I love me some anime quotes. This is right up me ally ^.^
People don't exist to follow rules... rules exist to protect people! I will never follow a rule that will bring harm to my friends! -Kurokami Medaka
I realized that if I'm expelled for doing what I love... I won't die. But... but if I quit doing what I love... then I really will die. Sensei taught me that... so I'm going to do what I love and worry about the consequences later. -Kiriko Shikashima
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