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To getting really excited instead of offended every time you see the Nazi emblem. Thanks for tainting us, Hirano... Also, I have a funny story since we're on this subject...
I do a lot of Hellsing RP on Twitter, and one of my accounts is a Schrodinger. When I first made the account a couple years ago I, for some stupid reason, made his header the Nazi emblem. You know where I'm going with this. I forgot about it and one day I clicked on my own profile while in class, and what happens? HUGE Nazi emblem pops up on my screen. I practically slammed my screen down and checked to see if anyone saw. Then I stealthily clicked back to home. I hope no one thinks I'm a Nazi now... Moral of the story, if you RP a Millennium character, DO NOT make the Nazi emblem a part of their profile.
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Same thing happens to me whenever I'm reading manga and an ecchi scene shows up.