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There's a first time for everything.

Yesterday I mustered up the courage to go to a Soul Cycle class with a friend of mine despite the fact that my legs were cursing me for attempting to be Hulk Hogan at a free cross fit class I had unwillingly taken the day prior. I knew what I was getting myself into ahead of time, but I had absolutely no clue to what extent I was about to push every single muscle in my body.
I walked into the establishment with an open mind and sore legs that barely held my balance. The atmosphere was bright and happy compared to the dark and dimly lit rooms where it would all go down. As I mentally and physically prepared myself, a sense of nervousness came over me like a brisk wind hitting you right in the face in the dead of winter. I watched as the previous class exited out of what looked like a dark dungeon taking in a whiff of the pungent aroma of every sweaty being that walked passed me. I questioned if I would smell as grotesque once I finished the class and realized that the smell was literally the least of my worries.
Fast forward about a half an hour, my friend and I entire the dark dungeon and are assisted on the bikes -- might I add how uncomfortable they happen to be. Class begins and I immediately realize just how out of shape I am. Either that or my legs absolutely hate me for putting them through so much trauma the past two days.
As I try my best to keep up with a class full of what seems to be regulars, I get in serious mode. The instructor tells us to close our eyes and imagine pedaling towards the finish line. I picture the finished line with a box of pizza waiting for me and as amazing as it may sound, I can't enjoy my day dream because the seat of the bike feels as if it is slowly destroying every part of my lower extremity. Despite the pain, I thug it out and finish up the 45 minute class like a boss.
Walking out the dark dungeon I feel loopy and sore, yet undefeated. I completed a Soul Cycle class and it was so worth it. I had to continue to remind myself that pain is just weakness leaving the body and while I was on the bike all of my weakness slowly disappeared.
While it's nearly 24 hours later and a serious struggle to use my lower body strength to do anything, I'm rather proud of myself. As much as I wanted to give up, I never once did and because of that I will be back to take on the dark dungeon again in another two weeks. Hopefully, by then my thighs and lady parts will be fully healed.
Trust me, you are not the only one!!! @danidee
That definitely helps! I always get embarrassed for getting winded way faster.
haha, thanks for checking out my struggle story lol @danidee I'm always shy too, but once you get behind the closed doors all of the shyness goes away. plus, it's pitch black!
Hahahaha, this was such an adorable read. I'm always too shy to go to group classes, especially when I know it's going to be full of diehards who've been doing it for a pretty long time! Soul Cycling seems fun though!
Hahaha "hopefully my thighs and lady parts will be full healed." 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I hope so too @jordanhamilton!! Dude that's amazing, spinning is sooo tough. Good for you :) I actually just tried it for the first time too - and boy, it's a workout!! Also the seat is remarkably uncomfortable. Can't imagine how men do it... 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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