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Lee Kwang Soo is probably best known as the funny, goofy, bumbling kind of guy from Running Man.

But did you know that he started off as a model?

He is also a well established actor with a long list of movies and dramas.

Battlefield Heroes; Wonderful Radio, The Scent, All About My Wife; A Wonderful Moment, Maritime Police Marco (animated), Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (animated); Confession, A Dynamite Family; Collective Invention
The Scale of Providence, Here He Comes, High Kick Through the Roof, Dong Yi; City Hunter, Bachelor's Vegetable Store, The Innocent Man, Dating Agency: Cyrano (guest episodes 6-8), Goddess of Fire Prince, Potato Star (cameo, episode 18), Secret Love
(episodes 7-8), It's Okay, That's Love, and others as a guest or cameo
He has also been in a few music videos: Kyuksantawoo-LeeSsang; Oh Fresh Men-The Bachelor's Vegetable Store OST; Busan Vacance-Skull and HaHa; Runaway-KARA; Again-Turbo; and MO MO MO-Cosmic Girls.

This past weekend I watched him in "Puck," and was reminded of what a talented man he is.

PUCK is a short 2 episode drama that I would recommend to anyone. The story and cast was great, and Kwang Soo was exceptional!

Lee Kwang Soo - a true entertainer!

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@SandraMirafuent Ko Ki-Joon according to Wiki...I couldn't remember who he was in that either..let's face it, when Lee Min Ho is on the screen all the other men tend to fade in the background (hee hee hee!)
2 years agoReply
@JamiMilsap hahahahahahahaha you are definitely right!
2 years agoReply
He was very good in It's Okay, That's Love.
2 years agoReply
Ooooh I always liked him in Running Man but I never noticed he was into so many things! Talented guy!!
2 years agoReply
I LOVE THIS MAN~!!!! 馃槃馃槃馃槃
2 years agoReply