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Well all good things must come to an end, thank you to everyone who reads this for reading it! You guys made me so happy! ...so it's not quite done. I'm working on a Yongguk steamy scene as requested and I may try to give another ending for those of you who like the other guy and would like to see her end up with him! Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

Why exactly shouldn't he thank the person who saved his life? "Should I? I don't really see any harm." All of the men are looking at me talking to myself. I bend down and pick up the gun Youngjae dropped. "It's heavier than I thought." I think I'll make him sweat a little. This is a fun little show to put on, I get why you do it Himchan. I clear my throat and look Yongguk in the eyes. "You know I don't appreciate being toyed with. You convinced me that my brother was a horrible person. He's a bit messed up; but you're pretty horrible yourself." I cock the gun and point it at him, slowly pointing it in different areas. "Knee, leg, stomach, chest, arm, or maybe in the head." The look on his face is priceless. Actually the looks on everyone's faces are pretty priceless. He made me hate my brother, and I don't forgive unconditionally. "Foot." I shoot him in the foot. It's not like I wanted him dead but he deserves something. And Youngjae wouldn't do this; he'd feel bad if he did. I won't, so I'll do it for him. "You bitch! You fucking bitch!" His face is strained in pain and his teeth are clenched. "Have a good life. You're welcome for saving it. You're a bit ungrateful though; calling me names. Do you remember you have two feet? Should I teach you a lesson in manners too?" "Fuck you cunt!" I really wasn't planning on it, but now I sort of want to. Screw it; what's there to lose. I shoot him in the foot again; same foot though. He still needs to be able to walk out of here. "Don't swear at people who do you favors. Especially when they're holding a gun." I hold out the gun waiting for someone to take it, but they're all so shocked that they're a bit immobile. I walk over and give it to one of the men. "Here." He slowly takes it. "Thanks." "You are?" "Jongup." He's so confused by this all. "Jongup, you have good manners." I don't know how my brother manages to constantly put on this facade of being unpredictable and dangerous. It's an interesting feeling putting on this persona but at the same time, I really feel like I should be more affected by the sight of the blood and causing a person pain. I am, but not as much as I think I should be. This must be why my brother has turned out how he has, it's like we were made for this. I need to get out of this situation. I point at Yongguk, a look of disgust washing over my face. Partially disgusted by him and partially by myself. "Can someone get him out of here?" Himchan snaps out of his daze. "Guys. Get him out of here." They get him up and help him walk away. Once they turn the corner Himchan attempts to reprimand me. "What the hell were you doing?" "I didn't have the patience to wait around for Karma to come back at him, so I took matters into my own hands." He grabs me. "Don't do things like that. And don't say things like that either. You're going to feel bad about it." "No. I'm really not. I think that was quite fair; not unreasonable in the slightest." "You." He hugs me. "You're too much like me. That's not a good thing, I don't know if you picked up these habits from me or if it's just in our genetics; but stop." "We have similar looks, the same manipulative ways, we rationalize everything we want to do even if it's bad, and we even have the same IQ. Don't you think you're asking a little too much from me when you say not to be like you." Youngjae is watching this strange family reunion. He's seen a lot of abnormal things in his life and this is definitely ranked high on that list. "Seunghye?" "What?" "Can I speak with you?" "Sure. Can I meet you out there Himchan?" "Yeah." He narrows his eyes at Youngjae as a warning before walking away. He trusts him, but it's a brother's job to keep other guys on their toes.
Youngjae looks at me as if he's interpreting a calculus equation. "I think I learned more about you in the last twenty minutes than I have in the last few days." "I'm not sure I like the sound of that." "No it's just..." He takes and holds my hands. "Why didn't you tell me you were like this?" "What's to tell?" "That you're like Himchan. That probably would have been nice to know." "I'm not that much like him, believe me. And if you had seen even a hint of any of his behaviors in me before this, then I probably wouldn't have been treated decently and would have been seen as a threat or something. So yes, I hid them well. Plus I wouldn't have gotten close with you, which I'm glad I did." "You can't say you're not that much like him when what you did was identical to what he does. "Exactly, that was the point. It was an act just like his. I played it up and magnified it all." "But you shot Yongguk." I reflexively roll my eyes. "In the foot. So what if he won't be able to walk on it for a while, he'll be alright." "But you still have those same traits as him." He's trying to figure out how I can say I'm not like him when I've shown quite the opposite. "Honestly, has this incident taught you nothing about my brother?" "What do you mean?" "That he has a completely different side to him. That scary, tough guy thing is mostly an act." "But he killed my brother." "I said mostly. He tends to rationalize things in a way that would allow him to justify anything. Anyway, didn't you hear why he did those things? He did them for you. His heart was in a good place." He lets go of my hands. "Do you agree with him?" "Oh no, no, no. It was completely out of line, I know that. His actions were way, way too extreme but I can understand that he cares about you." "I'm still not going to forgive that." "That wasn't my reason for pointing that out. My reason was to show you that he has a heart. Which means that I also have a heart, right? We aren't bad people. We just have some bad tendencies that aren't always easy to suppress. He's just stopped trying to suppress them as much." "But you never even told me about you being so smart. That's not something you would have had to hide." "You said it yourself remember, you said I was smart." I smile. "Besides why would that be relevant. Would it have made you like me any more or any less?" "No." "Do you still like me?" I place my hand on his cheek. "You're making me worry a little." His eyes close. "Yes, I still like you. I can't fall out of love that easily. Besides if I judged you for any of that, then I'd be pretty hypocritical." "Then stop fretting about it because we have something more important to discuss than my faults." "What?" I run my hand down his arm and hold his hand. "Are you leaving with me?" "Leaving?" "Yes. I want you to leave with me Youngjae. I want you to leave and live a normal life. There's no reason to stay. Especially now that you know your brother never wanted this for you. Don't you want to make him proud?" He smiles a little. "You really are smart when it comes to things I can't realize." "I know. That's why we're good together. So will you?" He grabs me in a loving embrace. It's warm, affectionate, and heartfelt. He's easy to read when he's being himself. "Yes, I want to leave. I want to be with you and be content." "Then let's go grab some of your things and leave. Himchan isn't all that patient. And don't worry about everything else. I'm sure you've realized by now that he intends to take over this gang again. So your stuff will be fine until later." "Let's go then." "Oh, but one more thing." I pull him close to me and go to kiss him, but I stop just short of his lips. "Can we take the Naruto DVDs with?" He laughs, shaking his head for a moment. "God, I love you." He closes the distance and our lips meet. This is our first kiss as two lovers instead of a gang leader and his hostage. We may not have the most conventional love since we're both slightly defective in one way or another. We may not have a sweet "how we first met" story that we'd be willing to share with people. What we do have is a love that broke through a seemingly impossible barrier, proving just how strong it really is. And that's all we need.
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Originally, I was going for Yongguk, but I can totally understand Youngjae now. You did an awesome job of writing this!!
lol the ending was on point πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ I really love this story there was not one single moment when I wasn't on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next.
Awwwww this has to be my favorite fanfic ever!!!!
Anytime @MadAndrea .... I guess it's time to retire from being a writer, huh.πŸ™†πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
Wow... I really like this fan fiction. Beautiful ending.... put me to tears.😒😒😒😒
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