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Name: Minnie Age: 3 years old from: she was found on the street as a kitten and brought home and and soon became a member of our family. fav food: Bread & tuna fish Dislikes: outside, my dad, other strangers, dogs likes: Watching birds, being with me or her grama aka my mom and my fav thing she like to do watch anime no lie lately she been watching fairy tail with me and my mom.
she love to dress up but only on her terms she can sometime be a pain when am doing something and she wants attention she intentionally push stuff that on the back of my dresser on to the floor.
and when it comes to sleeping she enjoys sleeping either above my mom or mine head see picture 1 or snuggling under the blankets or in my towel see picture 2 & 3 and sometime even on me or my mom when she home see picture 4 & 5
Name: Jasper Age: 1 years old from: he was found in the walmart parking lot as a kitten and brought to are home by my dads friend who had to go to NYC and couldn't take him we soon feel for the little guy and he soon became a member of our family. fav food: Bread & Cheese Dislikes: tuna fish and none shredded cat food likes: my dad nocking things over and play attacking minnie oh and my cress bodywash see video below
every time I wash my body with it he starts to bit me when I pick him up and if I don't he attacks my legs. we even found he like mint toothpaste and will attack our mouth if we pick him up.
and when it come to sleeping with him he likes to sleep in the chair or in between and sometime we find him holding the remote control and I made a funny litle pic comment out of the picture I took see picture #2
thanks am glad you like them
Thanks for posting them :D
AHHH They're so cute. I especially love Jasper. I feel like our personalities are the same lol.