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So I decided to try this.... since I couldn't do the dog show. Let's get started. ^^
This is Jackie, after Jackie Chan. Me and my bf found him under a trashcan outside a liquor store, hr wasn't a kitten kitten but still young. He has bad skin and was undernourished. We got to take him home and I treated him until he got older and fat XD
This is him and my daughter when she was first born. He didn't want anything to do with her then and still doesn't now. The second one is me playing with him but I guess I deleted the video. He was too big to jump up for it, fall on his side, eventually giving up and trying to reach with a paw. Xd
He did one trick to get treats. I unfortunately don't have video or pictures of it. He used to "fetch" rolled and tied plastic bags. He lost weight with it but after awhile got lazy about it.
LMAO That's kind of awesome actually...
@danidee I think he was confused when he was smaller. He did that and when our friends would visit he be all alert like a dog XD
Omg, he sounds like a parrot.
@danidee Lol my bf named him it because he is one of his favorite actors and when we first got him he used to scale our bodies and sit on our shoulder. He did it mainly so we would pet him XD
SO CUTE. Lmao did you name him Jackie Chan because he moves like a ninja?
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