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Despite all the hatred he has for his father, there was always a part of him that still loves him when really he doesn't deserve any of Mark's love. His father has been in jail for over 10 years now and still going. I never told Mark that i have been visiting his father because i know he would hate me for it, but i have my reasons. His dad told me once that if i wanted to keep Mark alive i had to follow in his plans. I don't know his reasoning for killing half of his family but it sure is a goddamn cruelty. Every now and then i get nightmares of finding Mark dead next to me and his father covered in his blood. I went over to visit him today. The place was filled with angry looking men and some are just plain starving. And there he was, waiting for me to sit and look at his disgusting face pretending to feel guilt for what he's done. "I don't know what to say to you Jackson, but you out of all people should know that this wasn't something i planned to do" "Then what was your reasoning, you've told me the same lie for years now and i'm not falling for it. Have you even tried to think of what you've done. Seriously you fucking bastard realize you killed your wife and daughter, hell i wouldn't be surprised if you raped her before you killed her too." "You really are stupid. Listen to me you dumbass, i don't care what you think i've done or anything that you say to me because it all just goes to one ear but leaves through the other. Now, i still need a lawyer if i want to leave this nasty ass place and that's where you come in." "You want me to get you a lawyer?"
what wait so he claiming he didn't kill them and now his asking Jackson to get a lawyer wow the suspense
OMG..finally get to read it I saw it this morning but couldn't read it . as usual suspense. .here waiting what's going to be next like for real.. this fanfic.. has me close to the edge of losing my sanity with Markson ...well not like I have it, I lost it long ego when I became IGOT7ARMYVIP. .LMOOOOOOO!
you like kill me huh give me the suspension