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As if contouring your cleavage wasn't enough.

The world of contouring has introduced yet another technique that allows your neck to appear slimmer when wearing your hair up. Introducing neck contouring. Yes, it's just as real as ab contouring and clown contouring. But when is enough enough? Can we go back to the days when adding a bit of concealer underneath your eyes was more than enough.
As much as I love all things makeup, I feel like we have somewhat taken things a little too far [in the words of Beyonce]. While some may have the time to look in a mirror and carefully contour the base of their neck, let's be realistic ladies -- ain't nobody got time for that! Word to Sweet Brown. Keep scrolling to see the technique that promises all your future updos will be sleek and on fleek.

Would you give neck contouring a try?

LOL! I agree, like who is really examining the back of your neck? You have to have some serious insecurities or perfection issues if you must take the time out of your day to contour the BACK of your neck every single time you wear your hair up. I can't @TurtleyTurtles
A cheaper/easier way of dealing with the back of the neck is to wear your hair long and move on with your day! :)
lol wtf?? who would look n like a contoured neck?? The next contour trend will be what? Booty?? or Vageegee?
I can't even contour my face correctly without looking like a clown, so I know for a fact I shouldn't attempt this....
Ugh! Can't we just be happy with what nature gave us? Make-up was meant to enhance, not change what you look like, completely, (with the exception of Halloween/movie make-up, of course!). I think they have gone too far with this. Nobody's worried about what your neck looks like! Especially the back of it! Such a waste of money and make-up! I don't even contour my face. I throw on some powder concealer to cover the redness, and call it good. What will they come up with next?!
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