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This particular post I am writing today does not have to do with right or wrong. It's all about my personal opinion of comics in general. I always thought hard about comics, there meaning and movies way before the Deadpool Movie came out. How could I forget the comic book based cartoons. That totally can not be forgotten about! Also I have to be extremely honest with you and say Deadpool put the nail in the coffin and did it correctly. I thank Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller the director for bringing a comic book character to the screen that was done right! Now I'm going to dive into the Dark side of comics. Everyone goes to see the Avengers or Superman but they don't understand these comic books characters each have a dark and gritty side. Deadpool, Punisher (second one), Blade and Spawn has happened to be a few (I could be missing some) that showed the heart ache and torment that they went through. If you are going to tell a comic book characters story, at least tell it right. Most people confuse animation and swear up and down that it was meant for children, however there are themes in the threads of the comics (or cartoon shows) that are not. Now let me dive into a show that I just watched on Netflix.

Spoiler Alert

Well I must say this is actually a good show and I was quite angry there was not season 3. Now look, this show was geared towards children and was given a rating of Y7. Now, there is death all around these characters, they are relationships, anger and frustration among a few other things. This show did not have any lued situations, however children who watch it would have to understand the meaning of Death. Which in itself it's hard to explain, especially when one of their favorite characters from a TV show bites the dust. Also children would have to understand what the abuse of power can do to you. What you can lose and you honestly gain nothing.
Everyone loves Tony Stark? Right? He is the perfect role model and never does any wrong. Ha Ha parents.. You are wrong, like I said in the being of my satire, every single character you love and you think your child should look up to has a dark side. Let's dig into Tony!
Tony best friend Rhodes, always had to clean up Iron Man's mess ups. Trust me, if you followed Iron man comics you would know how much of a drunk, incompetent jack up Tony was. His attitude and actions chased away his only real friend and right hand man. It was to the point Rhodes had to wear the Iron Man suit for Tony to hash out things he (Tony messed up)
May I say, Iron Man Vs Captain America! Now this is not the civil war at all. This Captain America goes by the Captain he is working with the government to help protect the super prison that holds the guys that go bump in the night. The Captain tries to reason with Tony about the guards of the prison wearing his tech because they are housing dangerous criminals. Do you think Tony cares, nope. So what happens, Stark infiltrates the government-run Vault super-prison after learning that its Guardsmen are using Iron Man technology in their armor. Stark’s rampage is interrupted by Rogers, who tries to reason with his old Avengers teammate by telling Tony that he understands his outrage, but his methodology of indiscriminately attacking anyone with armor is dishonorable. Tony refuses to back down, which leads to Iron Man and Cap fighting each other. The battle ends when Cap passes out from a shortage of oxygen. Tony takes off, having successfully disarmed all of the Guardsmen. I guess he feels that Captain America does not matter even before the civil war. Btw, this action that Tony did caused a split. TEAM STARK & TEAM CAP.
This is a good one. Remember the whole thing about the Avengers not killing. Well Tony never gave a rat's ass. He always reminded people that he was the founder and he can do what he wants. And that is what he did. This broke the Avengers again and Tony created a Strike Force, all about the kill. Captain America lead the new Avengers that was not about that lifestyles choices. But you can guess who was one of their enemies... TONY STARK.
Thank you for reading my first post, I attend to do more of these character captures. I feel that some people don't understand that all comic book character have some type of blood on their hands. Don't point out Deadpool, Blade and Punisher like they are the only ones that have skeletons in their closet. Marvel and DC Communities both share it. All those PG and PG 13 movies are not the character. They water it down to get your money . Deadpool and Blade got my money because they are the real deal! Remember this is an opinion piece. I'm not changing anyone's mind. These are my thoughts about comic books and coming from a readers prospective that's the one who jumped on the bandwagon.
😍I LOVE every thing you said! I'm with you 100% I know is your opinion but to me is so right I take it as facts haha :) but it's so true I've also read a comic where captain punched a guy extremly hard (captain think he was a android) he almost killed the guy. I love that all the characters have there dark past some of the characters past are a bit more darker than others but still it's awesome that they do it makes the more realistic and it helps us the reader relate to them even MORE! 😃But any ways I can't wait to read more of these that you do :)
mwuuhaha EVIL!!!!!!
I think there's definitely a balance to be struck. The Muppets were kind of like that, Sesame Street was for kids and then the Muppet show was more grown up (not racy, but definitely not for toddlers because they wouldn't understand). I think as long as it's clear who the story is for we should be able to tell the stories that need to be told, if that makes sense? Lol you said it way better than me
So true. So very very true. Its sad that they only show the lighter side of the heroes. Even Cap said it in AoU when they thought for sure he'd be able to lift Thors hammer. Everyone has darkness inside them. Or something like that. Maybe it was secrets and not darkness. But the point was that everyone hides something from everyone. So...