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first my bias was jungkook. he was the one who drew my attention first. but then....
this one happened... .yes the beautiful handsome jin. hes just so sweet and caring and really needs more attention than he gets. but then...
suga happened. i saw what he did for the fanmeeting for his birthday where he handwrote and packaged 350 notes and that hes actually sweet and caring and adorable under that tough outside. but then....
rapmon happened. i love his raps and hes a goofy mess of a man like me (only im a girl) and so i just fell for him but then....
jhope happened. hes such a cute goofy guy i fell for him so hard plus hes so talented! so whats not to love?! but then...
v happened. hes such a cutie! i just started noticing him lately and im like "how did i not notice him a long time ago?!" i love him so much but then...
jimin happened. hes my latest bias (for this moment) hes been killing me ever since run came out! idk theres something about that boy with orange hair XD plus hes such a cutie and so sweet and has a heart of gold. i wish he would be more confident in himself! anyways thats it. i dont know how long im gonna keep him as my bias but one thing i do know,im always gonna love every one of these boys with all my heart for as long as i live.
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@axosrain lol I do know, but I meant that it's always hard to choose a bias
@mariadelzam ahhhh I see. yup it is hard.
@mariadelzam yes definitely! i think thats one thing all armys has in common... we cant pick a bias!
@MirandaStephens it's like changing your undies.
@axosrain yes it is! i change my bias like i do my undies.... everyday haha