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So I started going out with this guy and he someone that likes me and I like him. To me he's the guy that is kind with me..his kisses are the best guessing because this is the first time I had feeling for someone while dating....but today doesn't feel good I saw the guy I known since 9th grade...he saw me and kept looking at me with eyes of sadness or some other look that made my stomach turn upside down. I froze there even with my boyfriend there I froze I no longer felt happy I felt like I cheated on him even if im not dating him...he looked my eyes yet he kept walking off cooly as always. After I saw him I felt fear as if I did the biggest mistake in my life....yet im trying to get over him and I do like the guy im dating right now....but my heart atill beats for the other one im scared I might fall for that guy once more and dump the guy who making me happy and known he loves me like I love him...having mutual feeling for each other
That's tough. Just listen to you feelings and take the time to appreciate what you have :) you never know, maybe in a few years you'll have a chance with the other guy!!
I know that feeling, I wish you the best of luck