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Happy Monday Love and Relationship Community Vinglers!! That's for all of you that commented over the weekend. I appreciate all your amazing comments and thoughts. KEEP UP THE AWESOME ANSWERS <3

Today's question is something I also struggle with personally, so any really thoughtful responses will be taken to heart.

Q: I really struggle with keeping a work/relationship balance. I love my job, and mostly I love working. But it's been really hard for my S.O. Who doesn't really love her job and doesn't understand why I spend extra time at work. I want to show her that I appreciate our relationship, but she's consistently saying things like, "You always pick work over me." I just really love my job!! How do I show her I appreciate her without neglecting my dream job?
As I've said before; need to prioritize. Set your priorities accordingly. If you are truly serious about this relationship, you will also take care of it and mold it to where you wanted the two of you ends later in life.
Sorry for the late response!! I was having an interesting time reading the thought on this one because it seems to be split two ways. I think it's reflective of what's important to each of us. For example, work is really important to me so I would try to get the person to understand that. At the same time, I know a lot of my friends that would say relationships are more important so we should focus on that more. I don't think one is better than the other, it's just how we view the world. though I think in terms of ultimate happiness, a person does NEED to take time for the people that are important :) thanks for your thoughts @AshelyJewell @1FallenAngel @marshalledgar @JimTurpen @MaighdlinS @Heartofgold35 @jordanhamilton @momattheword @VanessaSimmons @ThePervySage @Bobs @jamesyoungs @SeoInHan @AprilGuillemard @MajahnNelson @StetsonCampbell @BrendanFred @humairaa @MichelleHolly
This is so interesting. Her statement, "You always pick work over me," obviously isn't true. BUT...there's a huge element of truth in it. Why? Because regardless of the nickel and diming of all those times you chose HER over work, none of that matters because reality isn't truth--it's how we feel. And she feels like she's always second to work. I think you need to discover ways to change her perception. This is quite common with industries like healthcare and law enforcement. There's always a reason to leave family behind. I think you guys need to have a serious sit-down about your employment and the commitments you have to it (on and off the clock). Unless you find ways to dispel her idea of being second and unless she can stomach the idea that your work isn't a 9-5, then this relationship is going to be beleaguered with strife and incompatibility.
I agree never take work home with you, (harder than it sounds) try not to talk about work when not at work and make sure to set aside special time for your s.o whenever possible so that they know how much you care & value having them in your life. Remember you may love your job but your job will never love you back like your s.o does.
You work is meant to stay at work. So don't bring your work home unless you truly have to
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