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Happy Monday Love and Relationship Community Vinglers!! That's for all of you that commented over the weekend. I appreciate all your amazing comments and thoughts. KEEP UP THE AWESOME ANSWERS <3

Today's question is something I also struggle with personally, so any really thoughtful responses will be taken to heart.

Q: I really struggle with keeping a work/relationship balance. I love my job, and mostly I love working. But it's been really hard for my S.O. Who doesn't really love her job and doesn't understand why I spend extra time at work. I want to show her that I appreciate our relationship, but she's consistently saying things like, "You always pick work over me." I just really love my job!! How do I show her I appreciate her without neglecting my dream job?
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remember that it's important to take time off of work. save up for a good present or a gift and show her what your work can do. also if she's that important to you you will make some sacrifices for her
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Someone who doesn't understand your love of what you do is always going to question it. I won't say you have to pick either or, but it is important to weigh the pros and cons so that you don't lose one for the other.
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Bah! Money is more important she needs to understand 😝
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I'd say take one night of the week that will be set aside just for you S.O.
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Sorry for the late response!! I was having an interesting time reading the thought on this one because it seems to be split two ways. I think it's reflective of what's important to each of us. For example, work is really important to me so I would try to get the person to understand that. At the same time, I know a lot of my friends that would say relationships are more important so we should focus on that more. I don't think one is better than the other, it's just how we view the world. though I think in terms of ultimate happiness, a person does NEED to take time for the people that are important :) thanks for your thoughts @AshelyJewell @1FallenAngel @marshalledgar @JimTurpen @MaighdlinS @Heartofgold35 @jordanhamilton @momattheword @VanessaSimmons @ThePervySage @Bobs @jamesyoungs @SeoInHan @AprilGuillemard @MajahnNelson @StetsonCampbell @BrendanFred @humairaa @MichelleHolly
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