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As someone who grew up in Miami, Cuban food was something I just grew up with. From all the Cuban parties I went to, to the local restaurants I frequented. Here's 7 dishes you NEED to try from the Cuban cuisine.

Gahhh Cuban food is AMAZING!

Imperial Rice

Imperial rice is a casserole made with layers or rice, chicken, green peas, and cheese -- LOTS OF CHEESE!

Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja is shredded beef that's cooked in tomato sauce. The beef is stewed with vegetables like onions and peppers.


Ah, the famous Cuban sandwich! If you haven't had one of these - you haven't lived. This sandwich has ham, Swiss cheese, roasted pork, mustard, and pickles. The sandwich is usually grilled.

Arroz con Pollo

This is a pretty typical, popular Cuban dish. It's chicken and rice that's also cooked with various vegetables like peas, onions, and peppers. Yumm.

Black Beans and Rice

There's something about Cuban black beans that makes you want to eat their black beans and rice forever. Want to know how to make black beans? Check out this recipe HERE.

Vaca Frita

Vaca frita looks a little bit like ropa vieja, and both dishes call for beef, but they're cooked differently. Ropa vieja is stewed, vaca frita is pan fried and sauteed with onions. It's gooooooood.


These are fried (or baked) turnovers that are stuffed with different items -- usually meat. But you should definitely try out cheese empanadas!
Looks delicious! I was chatting to another friend about South American native food, I was surprised to learn that rice was not native to South America, corn was the main staple and rice was introduced when Spanish arrived. Is that true? But there's so many signature dish with rice in it, what did they do when there was no rice around?
@EasternShell I get the feeling if @alywoah came too, you may not keep up with demand
@Animaniafreak lol...awesome question
I want imperial now!
yummm ropa vieja. it's soooo good @jazziejazz
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