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It seems rumors are circulating about LayXing departure from EXO not from his choice but companies excluding him from promotional materials. What are your opinions on this matter..?
I doubt SM will "phase out" lay I mean realistically, commercially losing Lay would be losing even more Chinese audience. I don't know what these special fans(?) are and why Lay wasn't included. But I'd rather not assume anything until SM, Lay, or other members make an official comment about it, if it happens.
It honestly makes me so sad.. because he's been saying that he isn't going to leave EXO because of the promises he's made to fans & to the members & when I see the pictures without Yixing my heart breaks & it makes me think that if I feel like this then how is he going to feel? & that just breaks my heart even more ..
Lay would never leave EXO even if the company wanted him too
It would affect SM if another person leaves their company. Specially of its a Chinese member.
I will murder SM if they keep it up I was bash their faces in
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