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This is my first card that I have made I hope you all enjoy, I hope it's good enough... So I have been searching for Korean classes for quite some time now and I finally found something interesting. I downloaded this app called meetup. and there are alot of groups you can join for many different things you are interested in.
So this guys name is Elliott Stine he has a Facebook and a group on it too, he is the person in charge of everything.
So I joined and I'm going to start taking kpop dance classes and Korean language classes. I'm so excited!! Taking these classes will help me to achieve my dream of becoming a kpop idol. I know its a long shot but I think its worth a try, I'm very determined and my mom says that's good, so hopefully that will help me out.
I'm so excited!!! Would anyone else want to learn more or go with me to these classes?!
when you wish you live in Chicago.
can I just move to chicago, pls??
Wait, I just searched up the address and it says that this loft is for sale....???
I would love to go!!! Where do I sign up?!
Woah this is so cool !
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