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Works in progress

It looks a tad rough cuz it's still in pencil☺️
@AliyahHowell yes the bulletproof vest.....and that's fine with me take all the time you need.😁
@NasiaWright ...okay. The bulletproof vest? This will postpone it maybe a week. Since I can't work all the time at school.
not bad 😁👌 but I recently thought it over and started too think about when people ask me oh what's Vkook and I will be like there in a Kpop band I like...person : oh so those are the only one you like ...Me:no I love them all ok so too avoid that and plus I want too show my love for all of the members so instead I want it to be there logo and on the sides too say bangtan sonyeondan in white and the maroon back round please don't hate me I just feel like it would be better if I show my love for all of the members 😭😁💞💞💞😊