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Smartphones have made our life simple. There is no doubt in that. Central to the smartphone experience is the various apps that we download and use. Many of us have lots of apps on our phones. I particularly like trying out new apps from the Play Store. I use Xiaomi Mi 4i which runs on Mi UI 7.1.0 and I'm pretty satisfied with its functional design and specs. I make sure that my home screen is clutter free (screenshot above) and I don't have many apps on my home screen. I particularly like to keep a lots of apps on my phone. Right now I have more than 60 apps but these all go in the folders in my app drawer. So what about you guys? How many apps do you have on your phone ? How do you like to keep your home screen ? Comment below.
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i only have 13 downloaded apps. I love apps tooo! But I'm trying to tone it down with only apps I'll use on a regular bases. 😊
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