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This song just gets me happy every time I hear it..I always love their bright and happy concepts it just makes me feel good(B.A.P), B.A.P gave me the same feeling with their "Feel So Good" track which was awesome as well!!
Both of the live performces are amazing and I wish I could see B.A.P in concert

I like when groups do happy concepts!!

What Do You Guys Think?

I like it too but I love the dark theme for vixx it fit them
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@twistedPuppy Their dark themes are fantastic..its just when they get bright it like a whole new thing which I enjoy.. its the same thing with B.A.P
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yeah same here i like both grpup with both theme kinda make it seem like they got a split personality lol @JohnEvans
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his voice makes me melt like butter lol
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